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Why You Should Use Professional Smoke and Odor Removal Services

Unpleasant smells can be difficult to live with. Whether you have just purchased a new home that smells like smoke, whether you have discovered a skunk in your basement, or whether you just can’t rid your home of an unusual odor, it’s often a good idea to call a professional odor removal service. Of course you can to remove odors by yourself, but home remedies only work for smaller jobs and only cover up the smell. A professional can eliminate the source of odors and seal any remaining smells.

Home Remedies Only Work Locally

Of course, there are quite a few home remedies for bad smells. For example, a smelly garbage disposal can be addressed with baking soda, vinegar, and lemon. You may also be able to cover up a urine stain (whether it’s caused by a potty-training child or a pet that’s not quite litter-trained) on your carpet with good-smelling products from the store.

However, if your entire home smelled like urine or smoke, it wouldn’t be easy to address the problem on such a large scale. That’s because you’d have to hand-treat every inch of carpet in your home if you don’t know where the smell is originating from. For smoke odor, that wouldn’t even be enough. Without professional odor elimination, you might be forced to replace all of the flooring and repaint your entire house.

Don’t Just Cover the Smell

Another problem with using home remedies or simple products purchased from the store is that they don’t actually fix the problem. Instead of removing the odor, these products are designed to cover it up It would be like painting over metal that has rusted. The rust is still there when you’re done, and it really needs to be removed, but you can’t see it anymore since you’ve covered it with paint.

Professional smoke removal in Roswell involves locating the source of the smell and destroying it. This means if the house has been on fire, then the smell of smoke will linger in every part of the house. It obviously seeps into the carpet, but the furniture and other surfaces in your house will also absorb the smell of smoke. The odor can even be held in by drywall if it has been exposed long enough.

Odor Can Be Sealed

A thorough cleaning is the first step for odor removal. But unless you’re prepared to replace everything in your house, you’ll also want to seal any smells that do remain. It’s impossible to eliminate smells entirely by just cleaning the surfaces. That’s because the odor is created by airborne particles that hang around your home.

The good news is a professional odor removal service can eliminate smoke smell by sealing the surface. This traps any remaining scents. If you choose to use a product that covers up the smell instead, you will find that it won’t last. The smell of smoke is too pervasive to get rid of that easily. The same is true for other foul odors. And if you’re dealing with a pervasive odor that just won’t go away, chances are it could actually be hazardous to your health.

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