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What to Do When You Have Emergency Water Damage

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Your home is where you go to relax, right? But despite our best efforts, sometimes our homes are affected by things like water damage or flooding, and then we’re left trying to clean up the mess. In an emergency water damage situation, you should have a plan for water damage restoration and what to do if it happens to you. 

Reacting in an emergency situation is always hard. You can forget everything you know and end up floundering to figure out what to do next. In this guide, we will share some steps that you can follow to be prepared should you ever find yourself in a water emergency. 

Be prepared and know your options! 

Common Types of Water Emergencies

Thankfully, water emergencies are generally considered rare. But unfortunately, they do still happen. Don’t assume you’re exempt, because there’s no guarantee you won’t face one of these issues. Of course, you know Mother Nature can pose her own risks with heavy rainfalls or flooding. Hurricanes and tropical storms in Georgia can lead to these things. 

But there are many hazards that cause water emergencies outside of Mother Nature too. Here are a few:

  • Sump pump or basement drain failure
  • Appliance overflow and malfunction
  • Drain overflow or backup
  • Frozen pipes
  • Pipes that burst

These are just a few scenarios that can lead to water infiltrating a space quickly. Because it’s a lot of water in a short amount of time, it’s often a source of water damage. And you need to respond quickly in order to mitigate damages as much as possible. 

Here are some things you can do. 

  1. Turn the Water Source Off

Start by getting the water turned off. While this won’t resolve the problem causing water damage, it will at least stop the water for the time being. Of course, if your water issue is coming from flooding or sump pump failure, you may not be able to stop it immediately. But you need to act as quickly as you feasibly can. Get your pump or drainage solution fixed to avoid more issues. 

If the water is coming from a pipe, a drain, or something along those lines, you can use a shut-off valve or turn the water off at the main. You’re going to want to do this right away. The sooner you can turn water off, the less damage you are going to face. 

Don’t panic. Get the water shut off fast. Be familiar with shut-offs in different areas of your house, as well as how to shut off from the main if necessary. 

  1. Keep Safety in Mind

When emergency water damage occurs, we often react without thinking about the whole scenario. But there could be safety hazards to keep in mind here. For example, what about the risk of electrical shock with the water? Is there standing water that is exposed to electricity? 

Another risk is water that is contaminated or could be carrying bacteria, parasites, or even disease in it. This is going to be most common from floodwaters and sewage backups. Wear the appropriate protective gear before going into the water or handling anything affected by the water. 

And one more safety element is understanding the water damage. It could cause structural risks and concerns, so always proceed with caution. 

  1. Get Things Out of Water’s Way

Now, when it’s safe to do so, start moving things out and away from the water. You may be limited on how much you can move, but take action where you can. If you can move furniture, personal belongings, rugs, or anything like that, take it to higher ground or a dry area. 

In some cases, if you can react quickly, you might be able to reduce the damage to these types of things. It won’t stop surface or structural damage, but it may protect items. 

  1. Get Drying Out and Water Damage Restoration Going Quickly

Finally, you want to get a team in there and get water extraction, drying, and the restoration process moving as quickly as possible. Not only will these teams know how to respond to your water emergency, but they will also have the equipment to act fast. 

In addition, you want to bring a team in as quickly as possible to avoid water damage worsening or causing mold damage. The faster you move, the better off you will be. 

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Water damage isn’t ideal for anyone to have to deal with, and it’s never a good idea to tackle it on your own. That’s where we can help. When you face a water emergency, we can be there quickly to help you mitigate damages and clean up the mess. 

Contact us today for your water damage needs. We even have an emergency line for a quick response. 

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