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Why Water Damage Restoration Is Important

water damage restoration

Water damage restoration is essential because it helps prevent mold and microbial activity, as well as permanent structural damage. If your home has recently suffered a flood or water damage, you should get things dried out as soon as possible.

Water can cost you a fortune in damages if left unchecked, meaning you should seek help with water removal immediately after you discover the damage. Fortunately, water damage specialists exist to handle such disasters, so you don’t have to tackle the problem on your own.

The Importance of Water Damage Restoration

Water can cause different forms and varying degrees of damage to your property. Water damage has the potential to rot wood, corrode metal, rust appliances, and even attract pests to your home. Here are the benefits of involving water damage specialists to handle water damage:

Water Damage Restoration Prevents Mold Infestation

Mold can thrive anywhere that there is moisture. Water damage saturates walls, drywall, ceilings, and furniture. As a result, water damage presents the ideal environment for mold growth.

Certain types of mold, especially black mold, can cause health conditions like respiratory and cardiovascular issues. Water damage restoration specialists work with you to dry the affected space, sanitize it, and dehumidify the area.

The dehumidification process helps to eliminate the musty odor and prevent mold growth by extracting water from the air.

It Prevents Structural Damage

One common source of water seepage is damaged pipelines. Water or sewage from leaking pipes can enter through wall cracks and flooring. From here, they cause severe structural issues like weakened walls and insulation loss in ceilings.

Water damage can also stain walls and ceilings, ruining and devaluing the property. A reputable water damage restoration company will restore your property to its pre-damage state with high-grade cleaning products and equipment.

Water Damage Restoration Can Prevent Biohazards

Water damage falls into three classes:

  1. Clean water: Clean water is the least dangerous form of water damage, and it often comes from damaged plumbing.
  2. Greywater: Greywater is the domestic wastewater from household activities like laundry, bathwater, and dishwashing. Essentially, greywater comes from all household activities except toilets.
  3. Blackwater: Blackwater refers to sewage from toilets or flood damage. It is the most dangerous type of water damage, and unprotected contact can cause illness.

A biohazard is a biological substance that risks human health or the environment. All of these forms of water damage have the potential for biohazardous contamination. However, the risk increases with blackwater. 

Blackwater may come from a burst sewer pipe and poses serious health risks long after the water dries out. Clean water can also become a threat when it’s stagnant for a long time. It quickly becomes a breeding ground for mosquitoes and bacteria.

Professional water damage restoration is a necessary end to most water damage cases. It helps prevent mold, structural damage to the property, and biohazardous contact.

If your property has suffered water damage, then you need professional water damage restoration. Contact us at ONEighty Solutions, and we will evaluate the damage and determine how best to return your property to its pre-damage state. Give us a call today!

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