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Unattended Death Cleaning: What You Should Know

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Discovering an unattended death is not a minor issue. It can have long-lasting emotional and psychological effects on the discoverer. 

The odors resulting from bodily fluids and decomposition often accompany unattended deaths, which means the scene can be jarring. Relatives of the deceased may face the urge to approach or even touch the body. Please resist that urge, as you will expose yourself and other relatives to the biohazards found on the scene.

Here are the basics you should know about unattended deaths and how to handle the cleanup.

What is an Unattended Death?

An unattended death is a death that goes unnoticed. It can be discovered days, weeks, or even months after death. Unattended deaths may result from drug use, natural causes, and suicide.

Unattended deaths are most common in older adults, people who live alone, and people who misuse drugs.

Should You Handle an Unattended Death by Yourself?

You should never attempt to clean up the scene of an unattended death by yourself. Even brief contact with bodily fluids can expose you to life-threatening biohazards.

Biohazards are biological substances that threaten human health or the environment. We often find blood, feces, and urine at an unattended death scene. Touching or inhaling these substances can make you very ill.

Immediately call professional trauma restoration services if you discover an unattended death. Specialists will arrive with personal protection equipment (PPE) and cleaning equipment to remediate the scene.

Why You Should Involve Professional Cleaning Services Like ONEighty Solutions for Unattended Death Cleaning

You should contact professional cleaning services because they can best handle trauma cleanup. They also have the right equipment and expertise to handle unattended deaths respectfully.

On discovering an unattended death, our first step involves law enforcement. Their services are necessary to help determine the circumstances around the event. They’ll also need forensics for their investigation.

Next, the deceased’s family or the property owner takes responsibility for the cleanup. In this case, untrained individuals should not come into contact with the scene. Call ONEighty Solutions.

Here are a few reasons to involve trauma cleaning services during an unattended death:

It Allows the Bereaved to Grieve

Often, the bereaved bear the responsibility of unattended death cleanup. It is unsafe and traumatic and does more harm than good. 

Trauma cleanup specialists understand that it is a trying time for you. Sensitive to your grief, trauma specialists conduct their jobs discreetly. This way, your family has the time and space to grieve your loved one while the trauma cleaning crew works.

To Avoid Tampering with Forensics Involved with Unattended Death Situations

Crucial forensics are present in an unattended death scene. This information helps determine the cause, the time of death, and sometimes the circumstances surrounding the death.

Trauma cleanup specialists have the expertise to conduct their jobs with respect to forensics. They restore the scene without tampering with the material.

To Avoid Disrupting Investigations into the Unattended Death

Unattended death scenes are sometimes also crime scenes. Unattended deaths could be homicides, and law enforcement is responsible for this determination. Untrained trauma cleanup can tamper with forensics and destroy valuable material for investigations.

Professional trauma cleaning services handle their jobs with minimal interference or ongoing interruptions. Also, professionals may find valuable material that can help with the investigations.

To Avoid Biohazards

An unattended death scene contains many biohazardous materials that can transmit infections. Contact with substances like blood, feces, and urine can cause serious illnesses. 

Necessary equipment like industry-grade disinfectants and personal protective equipment (PPE) typically isn’t readily available to people. Hence, professional trauma cleaning services are best suited to cleanup of an unattended death scene.

To Ensure Thorough Cleaning

Untrained individuals don’t know how to clean an unattended death scene thoroughly. For instance, a small bloodstain on a rug may not indicate a pool of dried fluid beneath it.

Trauma cleaning specialists have the know-how to do a thorough job. Also, if the scene isn’t thoroughly cleaned, biohazards can remain present for long periods and make you sick.

Unattended Death Cleaning

Discovering an unattended death can be traumatic, and you don’t have to face it alone. In these trying times, professional trauma cleaning services ensure your comfort by thoroughly restoring the scene to its pre-trauma state.

At ONEighty Solutions, our trained specialists have the equipment and know-how to ensure a respectful job. Contact us if you have encountered an unattended death and need professional trauma services. We’re always happy to help!

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