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When Do You Need Trauma Cleanup?

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The unfortunate truth of trauma cleanup is that it typically follows awful situations. Whether you’re facing an unexpected death, an accident or crime scene, or an incident that left blood or bodily fluids behind, it is important to know who to call and when. 

In this guide, we provide some insight as to what is considered a trauma and when to call for a professional. 

Identifying the Need for Trauma Cleanup

First things first: what is a trauma? Trauma is defined as a distressing event, and trauma cleaning typically follows terrible circumstances. However, you should know that there are times when trauma cleaning may be necessary, but it’s not a crime scene or death scene. 

Here are some common scenarios for trauma:

  • Unattended death
  • Crime scene
  • Homicide or suicide
  • Incident with blood or bodily fluids
  • Industrial incidents
  • Chemical exposure

When you have a scene that seems like it may qualify as trauma, the best thing to do is check with a professional. Most trauma scenes are considered biohazards. This means you need specialized protection and cleaning protocols. 

Professional Trauma Cleanup

When trauma happens, there are often chemicals, blood, and other bodily fluids left behind. Exposure to these things causes substantial risks to individuals’ health and safety. This is why these scenarios are classified as biohazards. There could be disease, infection, bacteria, and other harmful substances you are unknowingly exposed to. 

Any scenes like this should be handled by professionals. A professional company is trained and certified to resolve this scenario. They can safely sanitize, dispose, and clean up following a trauma event.

This should provide you with relief, knowing it’s done right. It also releases you from the burden of cleaning up a traumatic scene on your own. Quality professional companies will be discreet and know that you’re facing the aftermath of a difficult situation. 

At ONEighty Solutions, we have specialized equipment and processes. We can safely clean the scene, dispose of necessary items, and disinfect the space to restore it to pre-trauma conditions. 

You should always bring in trauma cleanup as soon as the medics or law enforcement clear the scene for you to do so. This protects your space and reduces the risks of leaving these areas unattended. 

The Extent of Cleaning a Trauma Scene

Many people don’t realize just how much goes into cleaning a trauma scene. It’s not just basic cleanup. You have to consider every possible space or item that may be affected. Just mopping the floor or cleaning stains from a carpet isn’t enough. 

What if there was blood spatter from the incident? It could affect many areas or possessions in the room. You need a comprehensive cleaning and sanitation approach for the entire space, as well as any items and possessions that may be affected. 

This scene could potentially be messy, with contaminants on walls, floors, ceilings, furniture, and other items within the space. When the scene is related to a crime, there will be residue from the forensics experts and investigators doing their job. 

There is nothing basic or simple about cleaning up after a trauma. It is an extensive process. That is why using a qualified professional is so important. 

Facing a Trauma Cleanup Scene with Safety and Discretion

If you’re facing the aftermath of a trauma, you are going through enough. We understand this is likely a trying situation that has left you overwhelmed and lost. You shouldn’t have to face that scene on your own. There are many resources to help you through it. 

We can help with the cleanup and sanitation, but you should also seek other support services as well. 

Situations that Call for Professional Trauma Cleanup

Every trauma scenario is different, but understanding the typical times to reach out to a professional will help you along the way. Trauma scenarios are classified as biohazards, but here are some specific scenarios or reasons you might call in a professional: 

  • Bodily fluids present
  • Blood present at the scene
  • Homicide or suicide scenarios
  • Crime scenes with injuries
  • Unattended death
  • Hoarding
  • Medical waste
  • Infectious disease exposure

In addition, any potentially unsafe scene can likely be handled by these professionals. They are trained to work with dangerous chemicals, fluids, and other exposures. If you question whether a scenario is safe or needs a professional, reach out to find out for sure. 

Let ONEighty Solutions Help You 

When you need trauma cleanup, we’re here to help. You should never have to handle this scenario on your own. At ONEighty Solutions, we are trained and equipped to safely and efficiently take care of it for you. We will treat your situation with the discretion and care that it deserves. 

Call us today for your trauma or biohazard situations. You’re going through enough, and we can help with this small part. 

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