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The Toughest Odors and How Odor Removal Can Help

Professional odor removal can get rid of foul smells in your home caused by cigarette smoke and pets.

You can keep your home nice and tidy, but if it has odors, it can easily make you feel like your home is the dirtiest on the block. The reality is that household odors are normal. Whether they’re caused by mold or pets, it’s possible to remove these odors from your home. Professional odor removal can help. 

Here’s an overview of the toughest odors to get rid of:

Most Difficult Household Odors to Remove

When it comes to household odors, some are notoriously more difficult to get out than others. Here is an overview of the most difficult household odors to remove (and why):

Pet Odor

More specifically, pet urine odors. Animal urine has ammonia in it, which is very pungent. It just smacks you in the face as soon as you enter a room.

Not only does this ammonia make it impossible to ignore, but it also makes removing the overall urine smell difficult. This is especially true when it begins to seep beneath the carpet.

How to Remove Pet Odor

Of all of the odors that can stink up your home, pet odors can be some of the easiest ones to get rid of and also offer the most options. One of the simplest solutions is to have a company come in and shampoo your carpets. This ensures that you’re getting rid of smells. A deep clean of your carpets can remove any enzymes that draw your pet to keep soiling the same area. 

Another way you can get rid of pet odors in your home is to invest in an air purifier. A solution like this can help long-term and keep your home smelling clean. There are also a few other smaller things you can do on an ongoing basis. These include cleaning your pet’s bed, vacuuming, and mopping regularly. You should also make sure your pets are clean. All of these things can help you keep your home smelling fresh.


Have you ever noticed an odd, musty smell in your house? You shouldn’t shrug that off. That can actually be a sign that you have mold growing in your home. While removing mold is a process on its own, getting rid of the smell is another process completely.

How to Combat Mold Odors with Odor Removal

If you’re looking to fight mold odors in your home, you have several options. The first is filling up a container full of odor absorbers. This could be kitty litter, baking soda, or even charcoal. However, it should be stated though that these things will not remove mold from your home. They will only remove the smell from the area.

Another way to get the mold smell out of your house is to make sure that you keep your home well-ventilated. If the weather is nice, opening windows and letting fresh air blow through can help remove some of the odors.

Of course, removing the mold altogether can also help. Even after you have the mold removed from your home, though, it’s recommended that you do one of the aforementioned methods to remove the smell from your home for good.

Cigarette Smoke

Another challenging odor to get out of your home is cigarette smoke. But why? Though things like pet urine may be concentrated in one area, cigarette smoke isn’t. When you smoke cigarettes, small, hard-to-see particles stay behind long after the cigarette burns out. These particles attach themselves to your carpet, your upholstered furniture, and even your walls.

Cigarette smoke doesn’t just go away when you’re done smoking. Depending on how often you smoke, these odors can last for months, if not years. They can yellow your walls, too, in the process.

Fighting the Smell of Cigarette Smoke with Professional Odor Removal

In all actuality, it will be nearly impossible to remove cigarette smoke odors on your own. You will likely need to hire a professional team. The reason is because these odors are caused by particles that soak into every surface around them, leaving odors behind. While you can use something like vinegar to clean and maybe reduce the odors, those DIY solutions will never eradicate it completely. 

The best solution is to hire a professional cleaning and odor removal team to combat the odor at its source and get rid of it for good! 

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