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The Smoke Odor Removal Professionals

The Smoke Odor Removal Professionals

ONEighty Solutions can eliminate even the worst odors. Our service technicians will come to your home, business, or other location and eradicate harsh smells without the use of harmful chemicals. Unpleasant odors can invade a space without invitation. They can be caused by bacterial infections, illness, long-past cigarette smoke, or even be the result of water damage. An overwhelming smell in your home, apartment, or living space is a problem. While masking house odors with a candle or an air freshener can make things tolerable in the short term, a stink can affect your quality of life, the value of your home or vehicle, and even your health, if allowed to linger long term.

ONEighty Solution has the remedy. Our odor remediation solution removes unpleasant scents like pet urine, mold, fire and smoke odors, from apartments, homes, hotels, schools, vehicles, and hospitals. If your nose feels a sting when you enter a space, ONEighty Solution’s 100 percent natural solution can neutralize the odors at the molecular level, leaving your home, office, or other space fresh and pleasant.

We have IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) license (license number 218908) to provide services in Georgia.

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