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The Importance of Quick Water Removal Whether it’s the result of a plumbing malfunction, weather or another mishap, unwanted water in your home can be extremely damaging. Though a home that has suffered long-term flood damage can be salvaged, the key to saving your property is quick water removal. If water is not removed immediately from your home, your house could suffer from damages such as mold, a loss of structural integrity and more. When expecting the best restoration results, treat water removal like an emergency by acting fast and contacting professionals. How Your Home Can Get Damaged Devoid of Quick Water Removal When water sits on absorbent materials such as flooring, walls and furniture, it can create permanent damage if not eradicated immediately. Deterioration can occur, and mold can grow. Below is a look at how different aspects of your home could be damaged if the water removal process is delayed. Mold One of ... Read More
May 11, 2018Oneighty
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