Water damage is every homeowner’s nightmare. It can destroy goods and property worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Water damage can even invite mold, which can be challenging to remediate. “Water damage” refers to the losses incurred when water intrudes into an area and attacks valuable property. Some of these damages include bacterial growth, mold growth, rotting of wood, and rusting of steel. Heavy rains, melting snow, and poor plumbing greatly increase the chances of water damage. Sometimes, property owners notice a soaked patch on the wall or ceiling and overlook it. This neglect is dangerous, as it may hide much heavier damage beneath.  Aside from the losses incurred from the damage, water damage can be costly to fix. Water may seep into the wood and cause rot, or it can corrode metal. Hence, you will have to replace damaged appliances and building materials.  Remediating the situation can be expensive, depending on the level of ... Read More
September 9, 2022Oneighty
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