Discovering an unattended death is not a minor issue. It can have long-lasting emotional and psychological effects on the discoverer.  The odors resulting from bodily fluids and decomposition often accompany unattended deaths, which means the scene can be jarring. Relatives of the deceased may face the urge to approach or even touch the body. Please resist that urge, as you will expose yourself and other relatives to the biohazards found on the scene. Here are the basics you should know about unattended deaths and how to handle the cleanup. What is an Unattended Death? An unattended death is a death that goes unnoticed. It can be discovered days, weeks, or even months after death. Unattended deaths may result from drug use, natural causes, and suicide. Unattended deaths are most common in older adults, people who live alone, and people who misuse drugs. Should You Handle an Unattended Death by Yourself? You should never attempt to clean up ... Read More
December 2, 2022Oneighty
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