Whether you have experienced storm damage before or it’s your first time, one thing is certain: recovery is challenging. Once you experience storm damage, you start to doubt the integrity of your building and whether you can move back in. Trust your instincts and never enter a storm-damaged property until professionals have cleared it for entry. What Does Severe Storm Damage Involve? Storm damage encompasses other forms of damage such as: Fire Lightning Flood Wind damage When it comes to storm-related damage, the property must be evaluated for reentry by specialists. Types of Storm Damage Roof Damage During a storm, wind can cause trees to crash onto your roof. The roof damage can introduce mold, mildew, and water damage. With roof damage, you face a roof that can cave in at any time. Electrical Damage If lightning hits your home, the power grid may be overloaded. Power surges from lightning can severely damage electrical systems. An effective preventive measure is to install lightning rods ... Read More
October 6, 2022Oneighty
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