When we hear about air pollution and issues in the air we breathe, we tend to consider only outdoor air pollution caused by smoke and chemicals from factories and motor vehicles. Good indoor air quality (sometimes referred to as IAQ) is a significant determiner of healthy living for people. We often spend many hours of the day in a four-cornered space - at home, in school, or in the office - where several chemicals and pollutants are present that can cause many health complications in our bodies, like headaches, allergies, and fatigue. The air quality in our homes can be up to five times more polluted than the air outside. Most people advocate against outdoor air pollution, but not as many recognize the dangers of being exposed to poor indoor air quality. How Polluted Indoor Air Can Affect You Poor indoor air quality can be much worse than you imagine. The air flowing in ... Read More
December 23, 2022Oneighty
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