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Even the Smallest Fire Requires Expert Smoke Removal

You have experienced a fire. Though you have discarded furnishings, removed carpets, possibly even re-painted, the smell of smoke is still present. Smoke can be the hardest odor to overcome from a disaster restoration. Bleach, cleansers, air fresheners just do not work. For smoke removal to be effective it takes certified professionals like ONEighty Solutions.

Fire Damage and Cigarette Smoke Removal Can Make the Difference for Your Family's Health

When it comes to fires, homeowners many times think once the soot has been cleaned away, there are no longer any health risks. Unfortunately, this is not true especially for individuals with lung illnesses such as asthma, chronic bronchitis and allergies. Residual smoke odor can wreak havoc which aggravates these medical conditions. But fire smoke is not the only culprit, homes with smokers are just as bad if not worse.

Smoke Removal Can Re-establish Your Home's Value

Have you ever shopped for a home? You and the real estate agent cautiously step in and immediately you are greeted with the undeniable odor of a fire, fireplace or smoker in the home. Thanks to our very sensitive ol factory receptors, smells can be detected instantly even when a home may appear to be spotless. A study was sponsored by Pfizer Canada recently reflected that homes where there was a smoking homeowner decreased in value by as much as 30%. In addition, one-quarter of all potential home buyers will not even consider a home where there have been smokers. Proper smoke removal can not only improves your home’s indoor air quality but also, improve your home’s value when it comes to selling time.

Trust ONEighty Solutions for Expert Odor Removal Done Correctly

Many times, homeowners and commercial property managers will attempt smoke removal on their own. This unfortunately leads to expensive mistakes and little to no results.
ONEighty Solutions takes being a leader in the smoke removal business seriously. Our team of specialists address your home and business needs with superior customer service, careful oversight and the latest IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) industry standards.
Our one-of-a-kind Biosweep, odor removal technology is eco-friendly, safe and fast. We remove obnoxious smells and odors the first time, leaving your home or commercial property fresh and clean.

Frequently Asked Questions

One cigarette has over 250+ chemicals in it. A lot what you smell is the toxins in the air left behind coating the surfaces.

Not really. Even though its always a good idea to have your air ducts cleaned, this alone will not get the smell out.

We all know about 2nd hand smoke and know its dangerous. Third hand smoke is that odor that is lingering around the cloths of the smoker and even the home. Over time the layers of chemicals and smoke coat all surfaces and penetrate the drywall as well.

Do to the nature of the fire, it might of released a lot of chemicals depending on what it caught on fire. A lot of company’s do everything they can to remove the smell even sealing it in. Unfortunately that does not work most of the time. In order to remove the smell you have to recreate the way it was introduced. WHAAAAAT! Call to explain.

No most of the time our process will remove what smell is left over. Our BioSweep process produces a vapor along with elevated heat to remove even the strongest smell of smoke in most contents.

Yes you can, but in most cases it is only a temporary solution. Most of the time the smell never goes away or comes back. Now it is twice as hard and more labor intensive to remove.

In most cases we will do a double treatment. First setup BioSweep the entire structure. Second we will wall wash removing any tar and nicotine that was pulled to the surface. Third we will BioSweep again remove the rest of the smell.

Initially it might seems that it works, but unfortunately the smell comes back. After the Ozone dissipates most of the time the smoke smell is still there, because its not removing the harmful chemicals causing the smell its just producing stall ozone. Plus the ozone generator is not even close enough to having enough power to work.

We are here to help. By calling us first we can save you time and money. With our rapid response time and putting together a game plan on permanently removing the odor.

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