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Why Are Smoke Odors So Hard to Get Rid Of?

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Smoke odors are one of the worst types of odor to try to fight. The tiny particles that cause the odors sink deep into the surface and require professional smoke odor removal to get it out and actually eradicate the underlying cause of the odor. 

Ever wondered why smoke odors are so hard to get rid of? Read on to learn more about what causes these odors to be so challenging. 

It’s NOT Just an Odor

When we smell something unpleasant, most of us recognize that something caused that odor. In most cases, when you eliminate the cause of the odor, you can clean it up and eliminate the odor. 

But it simply depends on what it is. If the odor is coming from rotting vegetables, you can toss those veggies out, clean up whatever it touched, and be done with it. But in those cases, the odor is just on the item or the surface. 

The difference with odors that come from smoke, pets, and other issues is that they take root beneath the surface. It’s not necessarily the smoke itself that causes the odor, but rather the tiny little particles within the smoke that contain ash, nicotine, and other chemicals from whatever caused the smoke. 

It doesn’t matter whether it’s from fire, cigarettes, or some other smoke problem; it’s going to leave behind odors that you can’t just wipe up or throw away. 

The particles cling to surfaces and sink beneath the surface and require a deeper cleaning process to eliminate. 

Multiple Surfaces Contaminated

In addition to understanding what causes the lingering odor, you have to keep in mind that the odor isn’t just stuck to one tiny spot. Something like smoke can infiltrate multiple surfaces and will affect anything that is exposed to the smoke. 

Here are some examples:

  • Drywall
  • Wood
  • Carpet
  • Rugs
  • Curtains
  • Clothing
  • Furniture

Every surface that was exposed to the smoke received some of those tiny particles that made their way beneath the surface and found a cozy home. 

You need a cleaning process that can remove the particles and any residue, as well as extract the particles from deep within any affected surface. 

The Problem with DIY Smoke Odor Removal Processes

DIY odor removal solutions can certainly be useful. Tools like charcoal and baking soda are often recommended because they can help to absorb the odor itself. And you should continue to use these when you have a specific odor and you know they will be effective. 

DIY solutions like these can even be temporarily helpful with smoke odors and other challenging odors, too. But they aren’t a permanent solution, which frustrates most people. 

Here’s why: these tools help to absorb odors, but they don’t remove the underlying cause of the odor. In the case of smoke odor, those nicotine, ash, and chemical particles also need to be cleaned up in order to effectively eliminate the smell. 

So while a DIY solution may initially help to reduce the odor, it won’t be permanent. Chances are it will be a temporary solution and the odors will either just reduce or they will come back again quickly. 

The Difference Professional Smoke Odor Removal Makes

What makes professional odor removal so different from those DIY options or cleaners that you might try to use in your home? There are a couple of factors that set it apart. The first is that the professionals use industrial-strength equipment that is simply more capable of achieving long-term or permanent results. They also have training and experience with removing tough odors. 

The second thing is that companies like ours use a special cleaning and sanitation process that works to eliminate the particles that are causing the odors to remain. In addition, the affected surfaces must be fully cleaned and sanitized, but you have to remember you’re getting the particles beneath the surface and not just trying to conquer a bad smell. 

This is where the biggest difference lies. 

Let ONEighty Solutions Help with Smoke Odor Removal

When you’re dealing with smoke odors or any other challenging odor you can’t seem to beat, we can help! At ONEighty Solutions, we use a BioSweep process that incorporates nanotechnology to obliterate not just the odor but the cause of the odor, leading to fresh and clean spaces rather than lingering smells. 

Contact us today to get on the schedule. You don’t just have to deal with those unwanted odors. Our teams can clean up and sanitize the space to eliminate the odors and make your area fresh and clean again! 

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