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Saving Your Property with a Biohazard Cleanup

Biohazard Cleanup for Your Health, Safety and Comfort

Restoring a property after a tragedy is crucial for emotional reasons and for your safety. The cleanup required after an incident such as violence, accident or death is dangerous to perform ― yet, it’s necessary to complete. Your family’s health and safety are compromised when exposed to such fluids, especially if the job is not done accurately. The affected area must be treated and sanitized to government standards to ensure the environment is safe, odor-free and habitable. Biohazard cleanup is a difficult task to be burdened with, which is why you should enlist the assistance of a professional restoration company.

why diy biohazard cleanupThe Biohazard Cleanup Solution

The delicate task of performing biohazard cleanup can be traumatic for any homeowner, but it cannot be skipped or done poorly. Fortunately, the process can be made easier by seeking professional help. Handling bodily fluids and hazardous waste should be done only by those who have the proper equipment and training to do so. Having a professional restoration company do the job for you is the only way to go about it because you would otherwise be exposed to harmful fluids, which could be detrimental.

Safety Concerns of DIY Biohazard Cleanup

Whenever blood is present in a cleanup situation, it must be dealt with properly. With a high exposure to blood-borne pathogens, DIYers approach a cleanup situation after a tragedy by enlisting the help of trained professionals. A few examples of the more common blood-borne diseases are HIV, hepatitis B and viral hemorrhagic fevers. Anyone without proper equipment, training or gear who attempts to restore an area that has these diseases is tremendously increasing their risk of contracting such blood-borne disease.

In addition to the dangers an untrained, unprepared person would encounter if they were to attempt biohazard cleanup, the job most likely would not be done properly if attempted DIY. The most important task of a biohazard cleanup is the disinfecting process. The aforementioned dangers of biohazard need to be completely disinfected in order to be a non-risk going forward. Although the area might look visually clean, the untreated mess can expose people in the room to hazardous blood-borne diseases if the area is not disinfected 100 percent.

Your Comfort Matters

Nothing is more important in your property than the comfort of you and your family. If your property does not receive professional biohazard cleanup, then you will be left behind with stains and odors that are unpleasant ― not to mention hazardous. Having these stains and odors present in your property will be uncomfortable to everyone who lives there and all guests who visit.

Call ONEighty Solutions for Biohazard Cleanup

After a tragic event or accident occurs, your priority is your family’s health and safety. Here at ONEighty Solutions, we are committed to providing detailed biohazard cleanup and sanitization services that exceed all government safety and environmental standards. For a free evaluation, contact ONEighty Solutions at (678) 274-6511 or For more on how ONEighty can help your situation, like us on Facebook and see what our customers have to say on Yelp.

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