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Quick Water Removal, The Key to Saving Your Property

The Importance of Quick Water Removal

Whether it’s the result of a plumbing malfunction, weather or another mishap, unwanted water in your home can be extremely damaging. Though a home that has suffered long-term flood damage can be salvaged, the key to saving your property is quick water removal. If water is not removed immediately from your home, your house could suffer from damages such as mold, a loss of structural integrity and more. When expecting the best restoration results, treat water removal like an emergency by acting fast and contacting professionals.

How Your Home Can Get Damaged Devoid of Quick Water Removal

When water sits on absorbent materials such as flooring, walls and furniture, it can create permanent damage if not eradicated immediately. Deterioration can occur, and mold can grow. Below is a look at how different aspects of your home could be damaged if the water removal process is delayed.


One of the more common aftereffects of water damage is mold growth. After being submerged, a surface can immediately experience mold growth, which will become noticeable within as little as 24 to 48 hours if left untreated. Even if the affected property isn’t showing signs of mold accumulation, it could be in the early stages of growth. Mold in your home is very harmful to your health ― especially if you have preexisting respiratory problems.

Water Removal - DrywallDrywall

Like a thirsty sponge, drywall will absorb moisture up beyond where the wall was in contact with the water. The moisture will expand and spread up to 6 inches above the waterline with only 1 inch of water. Because of the compressed nature of drywall, it can become very weak when exposed to water for a prolonged period of time. As drywall softens, it loses its structural strength and is susceptible to physical damage such as punctures and dissolving. That being said, damaged drywall will no longer be able to support heavy pictures, shelving and other fixtures.


Flood-damaged carpets and rugs can be saved if you respond quickly. In the occasion that water is left on the carpet for longer than 72 hours, the carpet’s padding will have to be replaced. This involves ripping up the carpet to replace the damaged padding, so acting quickly to dry the moisture will save you a lot of time and money. Air drying most likely won’t do the trick in time, you need professionals trained in water removal to save floors. This is essential so your carpet doesn’t lock in damaging bacteria that have foul odors.


Depending on whether the material is porous or solid, some furniture can survive water damage. Cushions and other cloth or foam materials might suffer from odors depending on the source of the excess water that flooded your home. For instance, water from a leaky hot water heater is usually mostly safe and clean whereas the water from a sewage break would have a considerable amount of bacteria.

Water Removal - Water Damage

Why Seek Professional Assistance for Water Removal?

Not all water is the same. Think about the water you drink versus the water you use to wash your clothes. One is purified and safe while the other is now mixes with unsafe chemicals like bleach. If you attempt a DIY water removal job and do not know the contents of the water or how to deal with them, you are exposing yourself to an unsafe situation that could include harmful chemicals and dangerous bacteria, which could irritate your skin or cause an infection.

In comparison to what professionals provide, DIY efforts for water removal are minimally effective. Absorbing the water with towels and letting the remainder air-dry may eventually remove some of the moisture, but the aftermath of water goes beyond damp property; improper water removal can leave behind bacteria, stains and mold. A professional service would use proper equipment that would completely remove the moisture and treat with sanitizers, disinfectants and sterilizers to ensure the damage is nonexistent.

ONEighty Solutions: Your Atlanta Water Removal Experts

While simply removing water is essential to restoring a damaged area, it’s not the only step. The water-damaged property must be treated to be completely restored. The experts at ONEighty Solutions have the proper equipment and training to completely treat and restore your home or commercial property after suffering from water damage. As professionals, we will perform water removal services to restore your home to above-living conditions. For a free evaluation, contact ONEighty Solutions at (678) 274-6511 or For more on how ONEighty can help your situation, like us on Facebook and see what our customers have to say on Yelp.

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