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When Is Professional Smoke Odor Removal Necessary?

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Smoke odors pose risks to our health and our loved ones. They cling to carpeting, furniture, and household appliances. Then, they slowly release thirdhand smoke back into our homes.

Depending on the type and degree, smoke damage can cause irreparable harm to property. Hence, professional smoke remediation is needed to restore the damage.

What Makes Smoke Odors Persist?

Smoke residue is responsible for a lingering odor. When a substance burns, it leaves behind smoke particles. 

These particles float in the air and settle on surfaces like countertops, walls, windows, and floors. Afterward, the absorbed residue releases odorous particles into the air.

Air fresheners can temporarily reduce the smell, but this method only masks the problem. If the smoke residue is still in your home, the odor will also remain. So, eliminating the odor requires removing the smoke residue. 

Most Common Types of Smoke Damage

Cigarette Smoke

Cigarette smoke is arguably the toughest smoke-related odor to remove. This is because cigarette smoke residue is especially sticky. Cigarette smoke residue bonds to walls, carpeting, and household items, establishing a permanent odor.

Cigarettes contain nicotine, the same substance that stains the skin and teeth of smokers. As it yellows the teeth of heavy smokers, it also stains walls and wallpapers.

Thirdhand cigarette smoke can cause respiratory issues like wheezing, breathing difficulties, and coughing. Thirdhand smoke may also increase your risk of developing heart conditions.

Smoke Odor Removal for Marijuana Smoke

The compounds emitted from smoked marijuana don’t differ much from tobacco. Marijuana smoke contains 20 times more ammonia than cigarette smoke. As a result, the smoke will cling easily to air particles and get carried throughout a space.

Marijuana smoke can still be a pain. While it remains, it can cause a contact high as well as vascular, and respiratory issues. Most scientific studies linking weed to heart attacks and strokes rely on reports from people who smoked it, as opposed to other methods of use.

Fire Smoke

We can group fire smoke damage into four:

Smoke Odor Removal for Wet Smoke

Wet smoke refers to fumes from rubber and plastic products. This kind of smoke is easily identifiable by the smell of burnt plastic. Due to its greasy nature, wet smoke will cause the metal to rust and corrode. 

Protein Smoke

Protein smoke results from burning organic matter and it commonly occurs during kitchen accidents. Also, protein smoke is difficult to handle because it is mostly invisible, meaning that the only signs are discolored paint and a pungent smell.

Fuel Smoke

Fuel smoke occurs due to petroleum, oil, or another source of fuel. It has one of the most pungent odors, and it is especially difficult to clean. Fuel smoke attaches to any surface available, and any fabric it touches is almost unsalvageable.

Smoke Odor Removal for Dry Smoke

Dry smoke results from burning paper or wood, and it is commonly associated with home fires. Also, dry smoke residue is powdery, meaning it is easier to clean up. 

The residue’s powdery nature is also its biggest drawback. It can fit into the smallest spaces, destroying wiring and causing electrical damage in your home.

When is Professional Smoke Odor Removal Necessary?

Smoke odors are best handled by professional odor removal services because smoke residue doesn’t just stay on surfaces – it gets absorbed. This level of smoke damage remediation requires special equipment.

For instance, professional remediation services use ozone machines to disinfect the air and remove thirdhand smoke. Such equipment isn’t necessarily readily available.

Restoring smoke damage is a nightmare when handled by untrained and ill-equipped personnel, as they often lack the tools and expertise to thoroughly remove odors or thirdhand smoke.

If your home or business has suffered smoke damage, contact a professional smoke odor removal company. They can evaluate the damage and determine the best techniques to restore your property!

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