Pet Odor Removal Service

Pet Odor Removal Can Restore Your Property’s Value

When it comes to odors in the home, nothing can be more of a challenge to homeowners than Pet Odor. While often these pungent smells are immediately recognizable to someone new entering the home or building, often our olfactory receptors can be blind to our furry friend’s odor. This however can become a big issue when you’re seeking to sell your home or commercial property. At ONEighty Solutions, we are experts at ridding houses, apartments, commercial buildings and even automobiles of pet odor.

A Few Facts About Pet Odor Removal Service

  • As Long As The Pet Is Present, There Will Be Odor
    Unfortunately, the only 100% guaranteed solution to a pet odor problem is removal of the pet and a professional eradication of the residual pet odor.
  • Pet Odor Is Rarely A Surface Issue
    Many times homeowners think that by cleaning carpets, removing soiled fabrics or even re-painting, that pet odors can be removed. Pet odors however, are rarely a surface issue. Frequently not just floors and carpeting are involved, the contaminant often has permeated onto baseboards, wallboard, possibly even wall studs if the pet behavior has been going on for many years.
  • Pet Urine Is Special
    Pet Urine as it leaves the body is normally in an acid state, with a pH of 5 to 6. However as it dries and crystalizes it turns to a state of high alkaline with a pH of 9 to 11.(FAST FACT: Cat Urine is more damaging thandog urine. Due to a cat’s high-protein diet and less drinking, the result is a more acidic urine. Cat urine is known to cause stronger pet odor AND be more damaging to carpets!)
  • DIY Cleaning Can Actually Make Things Worse!
    Over the counter cleaners can actually make things worse. Due to many “spot” cleaners high-alkaline ingredients, Do-It-Yourself cleaning can actually end up make the pet smell worse and causing more damage.
  • . Dogs and Cats Aren’t The Only Problem.
    While most of us could be classified as either “Dog” or “Cat” People, there are all sorts of pets that can contribute to pet odor situations. Large lizards, birds and mammals such as rabbits, can cause tremendous pet odor situations.

ONEighty Solutions’ Pet Odor Removal Service Works

Pet Odor Removal is never an easy task and to accurately address it, requires a trained technician knowledgeable in the complexities of both the odor and the affected materials. At ONEighty Solutions we are trained, IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) technicians.

We understand how pet odors can cause health issues, impede the sale of a home, affect a building’s rental value or damage a vehicle. Whether the culprit is pet urine, pet dander or just a general pet odor, our expert technicians along with the use of the proprietary, all-natural BioSweep system,can help your property smell better.

Our Pet Odor Removal Process

  1. We Get The Call Once you call us about your pet odor removal needs, we will ask a series of questions to assure that our services are a viable fit for your pet odor situation.
  2. We Address Your Pet Odor Pet odor can have several sources. The most common is pet urine and general pet smells. Once we assess the source, we then get to work.
    • For Pet Urine – We address the source. Normally this means removing any soiled materials. Our all-natural BioSweep system is then used to treat all porous surfaces including the subfloor, baseboards and wallboard.
    • For General Pet Odor –For pet odor due to general pet smells, we perform a thorough cleaning and then treat the entire areawith our BioSweep system to remove the odor completely.
      *It is important to note that we recommend a reputable service agent perform an air duct cleaning afterward.
  3. We Guarantee Our Work One of the great things about ONEighty Solutions is that we have a process, perfected from years of experience that delivers great results. Our pet odor removal service eradicates all contaminants and particles improving indoor air quality and lessening property damage.

Don’t let pet odor destroy your home or commercial building value. At ONEighty Solutions we provide a pet odor removal solution you can count on to be efficient, be effective and be forever.


Consumer sprays for pet odor removal are meant to be used right away to keep the odor away.

NO! Ozone generators can be dangerous and ineffective when removing odor.

a. In some cases it will, but in most cases it will not get all the urine out.
b. Why? Urine over time in the same spot will saturate the area affecting not only the carpet but the pad and the subfloor.

Over time we dull our senses in our olfactory system due to long term exposer and become acclimated and cannot smell what might be offensive to others.

Yes and No. in order to remove the smell we need to remove the source. That would involve removing what is causing the odor. So if you plan to keep the pets then we need to figure out why the smell is there and fix the problem.

Unfortunately the flooring will have to come up. No matter what anyone says the urine has gone thru the flooring and is in the subfloor. Without removing all the source of urine the smell will continue to be there.

Male and Female cats can spray. They will mark their territory all over the home. We have seen it as high as the ceiling. In some cases the urine gets under the seal plate and drywall may need to be removed.

Yes over time the urine turns into ammonia. Concentrated ammonia from cat urine can lead to Pneumonia and bronchitis.

Not only do we treat the odor we remove the source. We take pride in finding source and removing it permanently. On top of that we utilize our Proprietary Process BioSweep to remove all Air and Surface contamination that was released from the urine.

In most cases we are successful in under 48hrs with multiple treatments if necessary.

Leading the Industry in Nano Technology!

Ready for a solution to your Home and Apartment Odor Removal needs?


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