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HomeONEighty Solutions Explains Why BioSweep Stands Out As The Leader In Odor Elimination Against Ozone and Hydroxy Generators OdorONEighty Solutions Explains Why BioSweep Stands Out As The Leader In Odor Elimination Against Ozone and Hydroxy Generators 

ONEighty Solutions Explains Why BioSweep Stands Out As The Leader In Odor Elimination Against Ozone and Hydroxy Generators 

BioSweep Is The Odor Elimination Solution Above The Rest

Eliminating most odors is a factor that most take for granted daily. We use countless deodorants to counteract smells in our homes, businesses or vehicles. Unfortunately, not all “solutions” solve the odor issue. For example, Hydroxy and Ozone Generators get the job done, but there are many boxes that those systems don’t check off. That’s why ONEighty is here to explain why BioSweep is the Leader in Odor Elimination  

Odor Elimination Shoot Out Against Ozone, Hydroxy Generators and BioSweep

Nothing signals trouble in your home, apartment or commercial property like odor. Whether it is a new smell or a residual odor from years of an activity, you need to remove odors quickly and permanently the first time. When searching for the solution, you’re likely to pass by options like ozone and hydroxy generators. While these systems do assist in Odor EliminationBioSweep is the industry leader in eliminating odor. Here’s how Ozone and Hydroxy Generators don’t make the cut.  

  • Ozone – The technology used in an Ozone Generator is driven by ultra violet light. This system uses a fan to export ozone into a room to reduce odors and pathogens. The first disadvantage of this solution is that the treatment times take between 24 – 96 hours. Plus, the number of pathogens it can destroy is limited due to the build-up of ozone in a room over time.   
  • Hydroxy – Using germicidal UV radiation, this generator recirculates indoor air through a unit and exposes it to UV light in order to reduce odors and pathogens. Unlike Ozone, this process takes even more time to complete: 72 – 120 hours. Plus, it does not disinfect hard surfaces.  

Why BioSweep Is The Top Choice For Odor Elimination  

While the previous two solutions help reduce odor, it’s not guaranteed. BioSweep on the other hand is a much more reliable source of Odor EliminationBioSweep uses a unique, five-stage process, advanced PCO, which combines the latest in airborne and surface decontamination removal technology to eliminate the bacteria, which is the cause of most odors. Unlike any other equipment available on the market today, BioSweep’s process does not simply mask odors with chemical deodorizers or weak ozone generators, it removes them. 

What Should I Expect After The BioSweep Treatment? 

Initially right after treatment the residual smell left is like that of a indoor pool. Over time depending on the length of treatment the smell goes away fairly quick. We also can speed it up by running Carbon filters after treatment to get the space to a odor neutral environment. 

BioSweep Takes Odor Elimination To The Next Level   

ONEighty Solutions’ technicians have been expertly trained in using the BioSweep process. We retain the equipment and expertise to assure the process is done correctly to achieve permanent, sanitizing and odor removal results. Using BioSweep’s innovative technology we can successfully remove most odors in one day. 

ONEighty Solutions takes pride in being a certified, industry leader for home and apartment odor removal using BioSweep. Our team provides superior customer service, careful oversight and a positive odor removal experience. Our treatment not only provides you with clean, fresh smelling results but, a healthier home, business or vehicle. Ready for BioSweepContact Us Now! 

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