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Odor Removal Services: What They Are and What They Do

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If you’re a homeowner or property manager, chances are you’ve dealt with an unpleasant smell that won’t go away. Perhaps it’s a musty odor in your basement, pet odor on your rug, or a cigarette smell in your home. Whatever the odor’s cause, it can be a significant source of frustration and embarrassment.

Luckily, odor removal services work to remove these odors and return your home to its pre-odor state. These specialists identify the source of the odor, remove it, and sanitize the air, leaving your home smelling fresh and clean.

Read on as we take a closer look at what odor removal services are and what they do to help rid your space of unwanted odors.

What Are Professional Odor Removal Services?

Odor removal services involve professionals trained to handle tough odors with unique procedures and technologies. Stubborn odors on your property occur because odor particles stick to walls and furniture, making them impossible to remove by yourself.

Addressing foul odors on your property requires more than air fresheners and open windows, since these methods don’t offer a permanent solution. Before odor remediation, specialists will determine the source of the odor. For instance, experts will first locate and remove cigarette butts, ash, and unsmoked cigarettes during a nicotine odor investigation.

Generally, odor cases vary, as do the methods used to treat them. But with their expertise and experience, professional odor removal services are best suited to handle your odor situation. 

What Odors Do Professional Services Handle?

Professional odor removal services can handle various types of odors. Their unique technologies remove the odor particles from the air, eliminating the smell. This means even tough odors are no match for the experts.

Here are common odors service providers handle:

Smoke Odor

Smoke odor is one of the trickiest to handle, especially when it’s caused by fires or cigarettes. Cigarette smoke leaves a sticky residue on every surface it touches, creating a seemingly permanent stench. The residue sticks to curtains, furniture, and even electronics and becomes a nightmare to clean. 

Fire-related smoke presents a different challenge. Its residue is a sooty, black substance that can permanently damage fabric, furniture, and electronics. Unfortunately, eradicating smoke odors can be difficult, as removing the odor’s source is only possible with odor-eliminating technology. 

Also, attempting a DIY odor remediation job on your property will often worsen the damage and result in expensive repairs.

Car Odors

Cars are also notorious for holding onto all kinds of odors. They can retain food-related smells, smoke, and even pet odors. And the odor can be more powerful because of the limited space in a car.

Car odors can reduce a car’s appeal and even trigger an allergic reaction from the occupants. 

Pet Odors

Pet odors are the unsavory side of owning indoor pets. They can result from urine and feces and can also be caused by yeast secretions and bacteria on moist and dark areas of the pet’s skin.

Unfortunately, many homeowners only recognize their pet odor problems once a well-meaning guest brings it up. This happens because the home’s residents become used to the odor and have trouble detecting it.

Mold Odors

Damp, musty odors can indicate mold growth in your property. These tiny organisms need moisture and food in your home to survive.

Mold spores make colonies on your property and feed off the cellulose in common housing materials, like drywall. When those mold-prone house parts become damaged by water, mold infestations follow, creating several health risks in your environment.

Many DIY sources advise masking the odors with perfumes and cleaning solutions. However, that’s not an effective idea, because those unwanted odors eventually pop back up. Professional solutions, unlike DIY solutions, ensure complete mold odor removal by eradicating all odor sources.

Call ONEighty Solutions for Odor Removal Services

If you’re experiencing consistent odors in your home or building, you need to contact a professional odor removal service promptly. Living in a space with pesky odors can reduce your sense of smell, so you should never leave odors to linger on your property once detected.

Here at ONEighty Solutions, our trained team of professionals specializes in eliminating harmful odors from your property while also focusing on improving indoor air quality with our eco-friendly odor remediation technologies. Reach out to us today – we’re always happy to help!

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