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Mold Infestation: What Not to Do

mold infestation

Mold infestations are a property owner’s nightmare. They destroy fabric and furniture and even cause structural damage. If neglected, mold can cause major damage to valuable property, causing homeowners to spend a fortune on replacements.

Here is what not to do during a mold infestation.

What is Mold?

Mold is a type of fungi that thrives on animal and plant matter. We can find mold in homes, offices, and outdoors. 

Outside, mold is helpful to plants and soil. It breaks down plant and animal matter and returns valuable nutrients to the earth. However, when mold develops indoors, it becomes a problem.

What Causes Mold?

Moisture causes mold. Mold thrives on moisture, which is why we find it around water-damaged areas.

Interestingly, mold lives everywhere. Evidence shows that humans breathe a fair share of mold spores daily. However, it is usually not a severe health problem unless you already have a major health condition.

While there’s not much you can do to prevent mold spores in the air, factors like neglected water damage can increase humidity and cause mold growth.

Several factors may contribute to a mold infestation in your home:

Mold Spores

Mold spores are airborne, so they spread very fast. These microorganisms, which are impossible to prevent, are everywhere.

Employing professional cleaning services to handle your mold infestations is crucial, as they have unique technologies that remove mold particles from the air.

Food Sources

Mold feeds on organic and decaying matter; it is never far from damp and stale areas. And mold can be everywhere, from tree trunks and logs to wooden boards and newspapers. 

Mold can also feed on clothes, drywall, and wallpaper.


Mold needs moisture to survive. While there isn’t a moisture threshold for supporting mold growth, water-damaged areas of your home are more vulnerable.

You don’t want to leave water spills unattended upon discovery. Aside from mold growth, they can expose you to biohazards. Immediately consult professional cleaning services if you discover water damage on your property.

How Can Mold Affect You?

Certain molds, especially black mold, can expose you to vascular and respiratory issues. Upon inhalation, your body recognizes mold as a threat, causing symptoms like sneezing, wheezing, and sore throat.

What Not to Do During a Mold Infestation

Neglect Pipes and Seepage

Locate all leaks in your home’s walls, roof, or plumbing to stop moisture from accumulating indoors. Afterward, call ONEighty Solutions for water damage remediation services to dry the moisture.

Neglect Air Circulation

If you ever discover a mold development indoors, open the windows and doors to enable improved airflow. Also, use vent fans whenever you need to cook, bathe, shower, or wash dishes, as these can quickly increase your home’s moisture content.

Leave Humidity Levels Higher than 50%

Finally, since humidity levels are volatile, they may change throughout the day. Humidity levels of over 50% provide the right conditions for mold to grow.

  • Avoid putting carpets in basements, laundry rooms, and bathrooms.
  • Ensure that your drainage system is functional.
  • Never leave wet clothes in a pile. Instead, hang them out to dry and fold them to prevent mold from growing in your fabrics.
  • Repair broken and faulty windows. 
  • Add insulation to cold surfaces like floors, windows, and exterior walls.
  • Dry spills within 24 hours of discovery to prevent mold growth.

When to Involve Professional Cleaning Services for a Mold Infestation

Upon mold discovery, contact the professionals. The professional mold remediation team at ONEighty Solutions uses industry-grade cleaners to clean colonized surfaces. We also use unique technologies to remove microscopic mold particles and prevent repopulation.

First, you’ll need to have your home inspected for mold by our team. We will conduct a visual inspection first to determine if an indoor air quality test needs to be done to determine what kind of mold growth there is.

Next, we’ll check the samples to determine which mold strains were found in your home. Then, we’ll treat the mold and handle any remaining water damage sources.

Here at ONEighty Solutions, our professionals use Biosweep technologies to complete this process in 10 hours or less (depending on the severity of your situation). After restoring the damage, if requested, we recommend that a third party conduct an air quality test to ensure that your home is free of harmful mold. 

If you’re experiencing the signs of a mold infestation, contact us. We’re always happy to help!

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