Mold Damage Restoration in Alpharetta, GA

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ONEighty Solutions is the industry leader for many cleanup and restoration services throughout Adairsville, GA and surrounding areas. While we provide a wide array of services, our mission is focused on ensuring you have clean air in your residential or commercial property. Our teams take great pride in providing excellent workmanship and top-notch customer service.

Our teams at ONEighty Solutions are IICRC certified and prepared for just about any situation. With our unique BioSweep system, we achieve a higher level of cleanliness and sanitation that you simply can’t get anywhere else. We follow all guidelines enacted by local, state, and government entities under our certification requirements.

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Mold Damage Restoration in Alpharetta, GA

Mold damage is often a byproduct of water damage, but that isn’t always the case. Mold can begin to grow in as little as 24 hours when the environment is right for it. Once mold starts to grow, it keeps going until it’s stopped. It is always crucial to act quickly and get mold damage taken care of as soon as you find it. When mold is left untreated, it puts your health and the structure at risk.

ONEighty Solutions provides mold damage services in commercial and residential properties. Our teams use our innovative BioSweep technology to treat mold and disinfect the space. We will also work through the cleanup and restoration process with you as needed.

Here is a quick look at our process:

  • Check out damage and make a plan
  • Contain the affected areas and incorporate safety protocols
  • Treat the mold, remediate the mold, and dispose of materials
  • Clean and disinfect

  • When it comes to mold, there are very specific steps and procedures to follow for safety purposes. Our teams are certified to handle mold and have all of the necessary training and equipment to help take care of your space. Mold isn’t just an unsightly damage; it can also be hazardous to your health and should be treated and cleaned up right away.

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    Let ONEighty Solutions Help with Your Cleanup and Restoration Needs in Adairsville, GA

    We aren’t just an everyday cleaning and restoration company. ONEighty Solutions takes great pride in providing comprehensive solutions for both commercial and residential properties that find themselves in a bind. We can help you take care of water damage, mold damage, biohazards, infectious diseases, tough odors, and more. Our teams are highly trained and certified to take care of your needs.

    ONEighty Solutions is a locally owned business. We go the extra mile to give our customers the best possible treatment, offering innovative and effective solutions for every situation in the Adairsville, GA area. Contact us today for your needs. We’re here to help!

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