Mold Damage Restoration in Milton, GA

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ONEighty Solutions offers a variety of damage cleanup and restoration services to both residential and commercial clients in the Milton, GA area. Our teams are dedicated to ensuring you receive quality workmanship and customer service no matter what your needs may be. We specialize in improving air quality, which is necessary following many of our common services such as odors, water damage, mold damage, biohazards, and more.

The team at ONEighty Solutions is certified and highly trained to ensure you get the best service possible. We hold ourselves to a high standard and follow all government, state, and local standards in everything that we do. Our exclusive BioSweep nanotechnology sets us apart in the industry, helping us improve your air as we work through your damage and restoration needs.

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Mold Damage Restoration in Milton, GA

Mold damage is challenging to pinpoint and just as hard to stop. This is why professional mold remediation and removal are so important. You need expert care to ensure the mold is removed safely and correctly. Often, DIY mold removal creates a bigger problem. It’s simply not worth the risk. Give us a call when you experience mold damage or suspect mold damage in your residential or commercial space.

ONEighty Solutions uses BioSweep, our unique, safe, and eco-friendly nanotechnology. We will treat the area and sanitize all affected spots to ensure you have mold-free air and space again.

Our mold remediation process looks like this:

  • Investigate damage for understanding of project scope and create a plan that works for you.
  • Incorporate all safety needs, including air filtration, containment, PPE, and disposal.
  • Treat and remove all mold, sanitizing the space when complete.
  • Do a final inspection to be sure you are mold-free.

We’re here to help!

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Let ONEighty Solutions Help with Your Cleanup and Restoration Needs in Milton, GA

ONEighty Solutions offers a wide variety of residential and commercial cleanup and restoration services throughout the Milton, GA area. With specialized teams that are licensed and prepared for these situations, you can expect results when you call us. We offer services that include mold, water damage, biohazards, odor removal, and more, with a specialized focus on improving air quality.

Contact us today for all of your cleanup and restoration needs. We’re here for you!

We Strive to Lead the Industry in Nano Technology!

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