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Mold Damage Company Acworth GA

ONEighty Solutions Can Help You Breathe Easier While Saving You Time and Money

Mold, water and other disasters can have a devastating effect on your home or business property. Left unattended for even a short time, these nuisances can quickly compromise indoor air quality, damage property and become a major health hazard for inhabitants. Don’t wait until you are facing an even larger emergency. Let ONEighty Solutions provide you with a removal solution that is safe, eco-friendly and affordable.

ONEighty Solutions takes pride in being a certified, industry leader for mold remediation services in Acworth, GA. and surrounding areas. Our team provides superior customer service, careful oversight and a positive mold removal experience. Our results not only provide you with clean, fresh smelling results but also a healthier home or business.

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ONEighty Solutions, Your IICRC Certified Remediation Specialists

ONEighty Solutions is Georgia’s premier mold remediation company. Locally owned and operated by Robert and Kristin Averette, we are a mold cleanup company that provides mold remediation throughout Acworth, GA. ONEighty Solutions has been a leader in the restoration industry, known for delivering superior, effective removal solutions with outstanding customer service.

ONEighty Solutions takes being a leader in the removal and restoration industry seriously. We are IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) certified industry professionals. Our team of specialists is expertly trained to remove obnoxious odors, mold, and other hazards leaving your home or commercial property fresh and clean.

ONEighty Helps You Remediate Mold Damage In Your Home

Mold doesn’t care what time of year it is. It does however like to form its own kind of “holiday cheer” throughout your home. That is not anyone’s favorite type of holiday decoration. ONEighty Solutions is the mold removal company in Acworth that will help you battle the mold. It’s crucial for you to understand exactly how the mold cleaning and removal works. For starters, it’s a little better than scrubbing and bleaching.

At ONEighty we use our mold remediation services to remove mold in carpets, furniture, drywall, upholstery, and anywhere else mold might be present. Our main priority is to use our mold services to get the affected mold in house cleared and cleaned up as fast as possible to prevent further damage. What allows us to restore a home comes from our experienced mold specialists and the high-quality equipment that we use.

Mold Removal Acworth GA

Where Does Mold Testing & Mold Inspections Fit Into My Mold Cleanup ?

Your best strategy is to start with getting mold testing and mold inspections to prevent unneeded cost to areas that might not need mold remediation. If you can already see the mold, there is no reason to waste money on mold testing. It does not matter what kind of mold you have. Since mold is a particle, we use a real time 6 channel laser particle test. This allows us to show you before and after results immediately following our remediation process.

If you smell an odor you just can’t find, or are experiencing allergic reactions and health problems such as chronic coughing and sneezing, irritation to the eyes, nose, and throat, rashes, chronic fatigue and persistent headaches, it is a good idea to call our mold inspection company to send out one of our certified Acworth mold inspectors.

Call us to find out if mold inspection and testing is right for you.

Our Mold Remediation Process

Mold is something no one wishes to worry with, but it’s not all bad news. If you contact mold companies near you sooner than later, you’re already making a step in the right direction. Professionals like ONEighty Solutions can help you through the musty mess. Mold Remediation is an irregular process for the average home owner, but our mold treatment in Acworth is here to show you what to expect.

  • Investigation – Locating and investigating all potential areas of contamination can be short or long winded. Small patches may have creeped into the walls and out of sight. It pays for the investigation to be thorough. Once mold detection and the mold assessments are complete we can begin the mold damage cleanup.

  • Proper Set Up – If mold remediation is needed, our Acworth mold cleanup ensures proper home prep before and during the process.

  • Treatment – Depending on the situation, certain technology and solutions are used to reach the desired outcome – visibly mold-free home. The Mold Removal Acworth team utilizes proper gear and equipment to keep safe and do the job at the highest level.

What You Can Expect From Acworth Mold Damage Cleanup

Mold Cleanup Acworth GA

Mold can occur at any time and in any place. It can start to grow in as little as 72 hours. Therefore, mold removal is imperative as soon as possible to halt the health risks and damage to property. At Mold Removal Acworth, we are certified by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification), the industry standard, for mold remediation.

While property damage is a concern, health risks can be of utmost importance for mold remediation. This is especially true for toxic black mold removal for those with compromised immune systems and respiratory illnesses such as asthma, the presence of mold can cause serious infections. That’s why it’s important to act sooner than later when looking to choose mold remediation. Contact ONEighty immediately if you think you may have toxic mold.

Basement and Crawlspace Mold Remediation

Handling mold in the basement or crawlspace can be tricky. Always remember, these area’s should be dry. If the crawlspace, basement wall, or cement floor continue to get wet with every rain shower, the problem will get worse and ruin your home! Even if the issue is your foundation, if moisture gets in and it isn’t removed or eliminated, the mold will find a home and multiply in a musty basement and crawlspace. Mold spores will continue to grow and multiply until your home becomes unlivable. ONEighty Solutions is experienced with handling crawlspace and basement mold remediation in Acworth, GA. We’ll come in, locate the source that needs basement mold removal and provide total basement mold cleanup throughout the crawlspace or basement ensuring no spores are left behind. Basement and crawlspace mold removal is just as critical as mold removal in your living space, so contact us at the first sign of mold, no matter where it is.

Mold Remediation Acworth GA

Attic Mold Cleanup and Removal

Even though it’s in the complete opposite direction of the basement and crawlspace, attic mold remediation is equally important. Attics tend to have the perfect conditions for mold growth involving a hot, humid, and an abundant food source with wood sheathing. Most Acworth homeowners don’t ever go up in their attic, so the mold problem is allowed to grow undisturbed, often for years. Attic mold is typically caused by insufficient ventilation and roof issues such as leaks. If your home has experienced any of these, there is a good chance you’ll need attic mold removal. Contact us today to get started on your attic mold cleanup and removal.

Beat The Mold With Mold Removal Acworth

ONEighty Solutions, takes pride in being a certified mold removal company and industry leader. Our team provides superior mold removal services, customer service, careful oversight and a positive mold removal experience. Whether you have a small area in need of mold repairs or total black mold remediation, we have the team and equipment required to handle all mold in Acworth, GA. Our results not only provide you with clean, fresh smelling results but, a healthier home or business.

We’re here as the experts to assist with your mold removal needs. For a free evaluation, contact ONEighty Solutions at (678) 336-6784. or For more on how ONEighty can be the solution to your situation, like us on Facebook.

We provide services throughout Acworth, GA., including 30101, 30144, 30152.

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