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Marietta, Georgia

A Leader In The Restoration Industry

ONEighty Solutions provides a variety of cleanup and restoration services to Marietta, GA and the surrounding areas. Our mission is to help you improve your home and air quality with reliable and trustworthy services. We service residential and commercial properties as well as automobiles that need cleaning or interior restoration.

The specialists at ONEighty Solutions are IICRC certified to ensure we can meet your needs according to local, state, and governmental standards. We take great pride in our quality of work and our innovative BioSweep system.

Water Damage Restoration in Marietta, Georgia

Water damage can strike at any time and it comes in many different forms. You might experience water damage from something like a nearby river or lake flooding during storm season. However, the most common home or business floods come from burst pipes and malfunctioning appliances (i.e., water heaters, washing machines, etc.)

ONEighty Solutions is an industry leader in water damage cleanup and restoration in Marietta, GA. We can help you with water damage at both residential and commercial properties. Our specialists are trained and certified to work through each step of the cleanup and restoration process, including:

We have industrial equipment to help with extraction, drying, and repairs. Our teams provide 24/7 emergency services for your water damage situations.

Mold Damage Restoration in Marietta, Georgia

Mold damage can get out of hand quickly and it’s something no home or business owner really wants to deal with. The unfortunate truth is that it happens and when you find mold, you need to react quickly! Don’t let mold ruin your property or your health. Take action and defeat mold the right way.

ONEighty Solutions provides an eco-friendly and safe mold removal and remediation process in Marietta, GA. We are an industry leader certified for mold remediation services, and we strive to provide great customer service every step of the way.

As a locally owned and operated company, we provide a variety of mold services throughout Marietta and the surrounding areas in Georgia. We remove mold, odors, and other hazards to help restore your home or commercial property to a fresh and clean state.

Our mold remediation process is simple:

  1. Investigate the damage and contamination to create a plan and understand the extent of the damage. 
  2. Set up to safely contain the mold while cleanup and restoration take place. 
  3. Treat the mold using the appropriate systems or technology to remove mold and sanitize the space. 

We always use the appropriate gear, equipment, and safety practices to ensure your mold damages are taken care of properly. 

Our industry-leading BioSweep nanotechnology sets us apart from most other providers.

Biohazard Cleanup in Marietta, Georgia

Many cleaning and restoration companies don’t go the extra mile to ensure they can handle hazardous situations. But at ONEighty Solutions, we believe in providing for even the most difficult of restoration needs.

Biohazards come in many different forms. Whether we’re cleaning up a crime scene, working through sewage exposure, or handling chemical spills, we can help. Our teams have the proper training and equipment to discreetly and safely handle any biohazard situation.

These are some of the most common biohazard scenarios that we treat:

ONEighty Solutions is licensed with the state of Georgia and follows all of its biohazard cleanup requirements. We are the second company in the state to qualify for trauma cleanup licenses.

Infectious Disease Cleanup in Marietta, Georgia

Infectious diseases can spread quickly, and it’s imperative to respond fast and efficiently. In Marietta, GA, ONEighty Solutions can help you combat any type of exposure to infectious diseases like these:

Our teams use innovative nanotechnology known as BioSweep to decontaminate and sanitize any space that has been exposed to an infectious disease. This nanotechnology penetrates both air and surfaces to create a safe and clean environment and prevent the spread of infectious disease.

Our industry-leading technology is one of the most reliable solutions for infectious disease cleanup.

Odor Removal and Cleanup in Marietta, Georgia

Odors can be so challenging to overcome. Whether the odors come from smoke, pets, or another issue, ONEighty Solutions can help you remove odors from the source and make your air clean again.

Thanks to our innovative BioSweep technology, we tackle the source of the odor to give you a deeper and fresher clean. This nanotechnology eliminates the odors for good and sanitizes the space in your home or business during the process.

Common challenging odors include:

If you have an odor you can’t seem to get rid of, we can help!

Let ONEighty Solutions Help with Your Cleanup and Restoration in Marietta, Georgia

ONEighty Solutions provides a comprehensive solution for a variety of restoration and cleanup issues affecting both homes and commercial properties. We can help with biohazards, infectious disease containment, mold remediation, water damage, and more.

Our teams are IICRC certified and we pride ourselves on offering high-quality solutions with exceptional customer service. Contact us today to handle your cleanup and restoration needs in the Marietta, GA area.

Leading the industry with nanotechnology!

Contact us today for your cleanup or restoration!

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