Infectious Disease Cleanup in Sandy Springs, GA

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If you’re looking for reliable cleanup or damage restoration in Sandy Springs, GA, ONEighty Solutions is here to help! Our specialized and extensively trained team can cover a wide variety of needs, including water damage, mold damage, biohazards, and more! We proudly serve commercial and residential needs throughout Sandy Springs and the surrounding areas.

As a locally owned and operated business, we take great pride in putting our customers first. We want you to have an exceptional experience from the first time you call until the time the work is complete. We offer high-quality solutions to ensure you get the care you deserve. With the use of our innovative BioSweep technology, we stand out in the industry when it comes to providing clean-air solutions for our clients.


Infectious Disease Cleanup in Sandy Springs, GA

Infectious diseases are so called because they spread easily through contact and airborne pathogens. From homes to any type of public location, it is important to protect others from the potential exposure and spreading of these diseases. ONEighty Solutions offers infectious disease cleanup for both residential and commercial needs to help reduce the threat of spreading.

With the help of our innovative BioSweep nanotechnology, we can work to clean the space, improve your air quality, and reduce the risk of exposure or spreading of infectious diseases. We will work to clean and sanitize your space to make it safe and clean again.

We can treat common infectious disease exposures like these:

  • Swine Flu or H1N1

  • Influenza

  • Staph

  • Bird Flu

  • C-diff or Clostridium Difficile

  • Candida Auris

  • MRSA

  • Hepatitis

Our specialized teams are here to help. Contact us today if you are aware of or need cleaning due to an infectious disease risk.

Let ONEighty Solutions Assist with Your Cleanup and Restoration Needs in Sandy Springs, GA

ONEighty Solutions is proud to offer a variety of cleanup and restoration services to Sandy Springs, GA and the surrounding areas. Whether you need biohazard cleanup, odor control, water damage, restoration, or another service, we are here to help! We take great pride in offering high-quality services for our customers’ needs.

We are a locally owned and operated business that makes our customers our top priority. All of our services are available to both residential and commercial customers. Contact us today to get the help you need!

We Strive to Lead the Industry in Nano Technology!

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