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How Important is Indoor Air Quality?

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When we hear about air pollution and issues in the air we breathe, we tend to consider only outdoor air pollution caused by smoke and chemicals from factories and motor vehicles.

Good indoor air quality (sometimes referred to as IAQ) is a significant determiner of healthy living for people. We often spend many hours of the day in a four-cornered space – at home, in school, or in the office – where several chemicals and pollutants are present that can cause many health complications in our bodies, like headaches, allergies, and fatigue.

The air quality in our homes can be up to five times more polluted than the air outside. Most people advocate against outdoor air pollution, but not as many recognize the dangers of being exposed to poor indoor air quality.

How Polluted Indoor Air Can Affect You

Poor indoor air quality can be much worse than you imagine. The air flowing in your home can contain over 900 harmful toxins that can cause multiple health complications for your immune system. 

Odors from fire, smoke, sewage, food, fuel, pets, and bacteria can negatively affect your health, leading to serious complications like asthma and lung failure. With our sensitive equipment, such odors are treated rapidly to rid your home of these smells. We use our technology in all sealed structures needing quality airflow and can rid your properties of undesired odors.

Complications like asthma, severe allergies, cancer, skin irritations, and respiratory illness are side effects of constant interaction with poor indoor air quality. Better air quality plays a part in reducing the risk of developing many respiratory illnesses.

The Benefits of Proper Ventilation

The results of poor indoor air quality may differ from person to person; however, its effects will always negatively affect the person’s health. Tracking your air quality is crucial to ensure you’re not encountering these chemicals and toxins.

Our air quality specialists use Biosweep technologies in homes and offices to handle micro-particles in the air that cause odor and bacteria. Apart from improving the pollutant levels in your spaces, our technology destroys odors on a molecular scale, making it the optimal choice for all your odor elimination needs.

And unlike other air purification solutions out there, Biosweep technology stands out because of its advanced PCO, five-stage decontamination procedure. This includes:

  1. UV radiation.
  2. Oxyradical plasma and singlet oxygen.
  3. Concentrated H2 O2, O3.
  4. Photocatalytic Production of Hydroxyl Radicals.
  5. HEPA Filtration.

Remember, the quality of the air you breathe directly affects your comfort and health. There are well-known effects of indoor air pollution, like fatigue and headaches. Additionally, there are several long-term conditions that exposure to this kind of air can cause you. 

At ONEighty Solutions, our experts are trained to handle air quality issues at homes and businesses. Our systems operate by purifying the air molecules and removing potential pollutants. If you are experiencing signs of poor indoor air quality, contact us. We’re always happy to help!

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