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Ignoring Water Damage Can Be a Costly Mistake

water damage

Water damage is every homeowner’s nightmare. It can destroy goods and property worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Water damage can even invite mold, which can be challenging to remediate.

“Water damage” refers to the losses incurred when water intrudes into an area and attacks valuable property. Some of these damages include bacterial growth, mold growth, rotting of wood, and rusting of steel.

Heavy rains, melting snow, and poor plumbing greatly increase the chances of water damage.

Sometimes, property owners notice a soaked patch on the wall or ceiling and overlook it. This neglect is dangerous, as it may hide much heavier damage beneath. 

Aside from the losses incurred from the damage, water damage can be costly to fix. Water may seep into the wood and cause rot, or it can corrode metal. Hence, you will have to replace damaged appliances and building materials. 

Remediating the situation can be expensive, depending on the level of damage.

Causes of Water Damage

Water damage is caused by several different things. 

Heavy rains, flooding, and melting snow are some natural causes of water damage. They can cause excess water to get into moisture-prone areas like basements, and can ruin valuable property.

Human-made causes are far more numerous. Some of them include clogged toilets, overflowing washing machines, faulty plumbing, leaky roofs, leaky dishwashers, broken pipes, and so much more.

Often, water damage ravages property because it was neglected. Ignoring water damage only exacerbates the situation at hand, and leaves room for it to worsen.

Once discovered, it is crucial to begin water damage cleanup immediately. An early reaction allows you to salvage clothing, furniture, carpets, and other items before they sustain permanent damage.

Types of Water Seepage

When water damage occurs, the water can be classified into three categories based on their toxicity:

Category 1

The first category of water seepage refers to clean water. This water is the least harmful. The most common causes of this category are sink overflows and broken appliances.

Category 2

Water in this category is also known as graywater. It contains biohazards and microorganisms and can cause harm if ingested. Some causes of category 2 damage are broken toilets and sump pumps.

Category 3

This category of water is also known as blackwater. Water in this category is unsanitary and dangerous to human health, as it contains disease-causing organisms. Two sources of this category of water are sewage and long-standing stagnant water.

Never attempt to handle the cleanup of this water yourself. It is best to involve professionals.

Effects of Water Damage

The effects of water damage range from mild to severe, depending on the degree of damage. The level of damage is divided into four main classes:

  1. Class 1: This is the least dangerous class of damage when assessing damage conditions. In this situation, materials barely absorb water from this type of damage and remediation is at its easiest.
  2. Class 2: In this class of water damage, water evaporates very fast. This means that the fabric of sofas and rugs absorbs the water and is damaged.
  3. Class 3: Water damage in class three has the fastest rate of evaporation. Here, water comes from overhead sources, soaking walls, furniture, and other appliances.
  4. Class 4: Class 4 water damage is the most complicated of the classes. Cases in this class require special remediation and removal procedures. This kind of damage affects concrete, plaster, and hardwood floors.

In all these classes, there is some level of damage. Hence, ignoring or letting the damage linger does no good to the property or its owner.

You shouldn’t try to handle water damage on your own. 

To minimize the already costly damage, involve professional remediation services. Not only are they better trained, but professionals also have access to equipment that will thoroughly do the job and protect them from biohazards in the process. 

Professionals use high-grade equipment that everyday people don’t necessarily have access to in order to handle extensive remediation.

If you find yourself needing professional remediation to handle water damage, please feel free to reach out to us at ONEighty Solutions. We’re happy to help!

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