How to Protect Yourself from Covid-19

Steps to Prevent Illness


The CDC is aggressively responding to the global outbreak of COVID-19 in the United States. The CDC’s approach is focused on slowing the transmission of COVID-19, reducing illness and death, and minimizing social and economic impacts.

We are able to wipe, spray or fog all surfaces and the air in a structure in less than 24 hours; getting your family and/or employees back in a safe environment. Our green process has been shown to be effective with viruses like COVID-19. Let us help make your environment safe.


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We encourage the following 4 steps to help keep yourself and family safe:


1. Practice good hygiene:

  • Stop handshaking – use other non-contact methods of greeting
  • Clean hands at the door and at regular intervals
  • Create habits and reminders to avoid touching faces and cover coughs and sneezes
  • Disinfect surfaces like doorknobs, tables, desks, and handrails regularly
  • Increase ventilation by opening windows or adjusting air conditioning


2. Be careful with meetings and travel:

  • Use videoconferencing for meetings when possible
  • When not possible, hold meetings in open, well-ventilated spaces
  • Consider adjusting or postponing large meetings or gatherings
  • Assess the risks of business travel


3. Handle Food Carefully:

  • Limit food sharing
  • Strengthen health screening for cafeteria staff and their close contacts
  • Ensure cafeteria staff and their close contacts practice strict hygiene


4. Stay home if you feel sick or have sick family in your home.



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