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How Do Trauma Cleanup Companies Help?

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When you’re facing a trauma or the aftermath of a crime or unexpected death, the last thing you want to do is worry about cleaning up the mess. You likely already have enough weighing on your mind without dealing with the aftermath of cleaning. On top of it likely already being an overwhelming scenario for you, there are also a lot of safety details that need to be considered. 

That’s where trauma cleanup services come in. These services know the ins and outs of safety for handling scenes like this. They are here to help you not have to worry about it so you can focus on your healing and any other tasks that are on your shoulders. 

In this guide, we share some useful insights to provide more information about just how trauma cleanup companies can help you in your time of need. 

Biohazard Cleaning Training

One thing about a trauma scene, whether it’s an unattended death, a bloody crime scene, or even an incident that left behind blood and bodily fluids, is that the scene is a biohazard. Human bodily fluids, tissues, and waste fall into the biohazard category because they can carry pathogenic risks. 

When cleaning up any type of blood or tissues, there are very specific protocols that must be followed. 

A trauma cleanup company will have all of the necessary equipment and training to handle the cleaning process safely and within the required guidelines. 

Less Stress for You

We mentioned earlier that you likely already have plenty of other things to worry about. When you’re dealing with any type of trauma scene, you might have funeral planning, insurance claims, and other overwhelming tasks on your plate. You can only take on so much. Trying to clean up that scene is going to be very stressful and could lead to more trauma. 

Let’s be honest: no one wants to have to clean up after a trauma, especially if they are grieving the loss of a loved one at the same time. Don’t put yourself through the stress and added grief of trying to clean up the scene. This is one of the major reasons trauma cleanup crews exist. 

You’re going through enough. Let us help you with this part. 

Discretion is Important

The whole world doesn’t need to know your business. One of the things that most trauma cleanup companies do well is operate with discretion. They aren’t going to pull into your driveway with lights and sirens or a “Ghostbusters”-style vehicle. Most companies use unmarked vehicles or vehicles that are discreetly labeled with the business name. 

Nothing about their approach is going to shout, “hey, there’s a crime scene here!” This might even be a detail you want to look for when you’re choosing a company to help you with the cleaning process. 

Discretion is important. What has happened doesn’t need to be shared with the entire community, neighborhood, or news sources. Keep it as private as possible. 

Training, Certification, and Professional Equipment

One thing that you probably don’t just have lying around is professional cleaning equipment. You probably don’t have biohazard equipment or training, either. When you hire a professional company that handles trauma scenarios, you’re hiring a team that is certified, trained, and has all of the equipment they need to do it right. 

You’re bringing in a team of specialized professionals who know exactly what to do and how to handle your scenario. It doesn’t matter what type of trauma scene this is. If you need cleanup, the professionals have your back and they have everything they need to do it right. 

Insurance Coverage

In many cases, your trauma cleanup needs might be covered by insurance. This will depend on your insurance coverage, but you should certainly check to find out if it is covered. Both homeowner and automobile policies often include coverage for crime scenes, which will also cover the cleaning needed from a trauma scene. 

Take the time to at least check with your insurance to find out if this service is covered. We can help you work through the insurance claim. 

Let ONEighty Solutions Handle Your Trauma Cleanup Needs

When you need trauma cleanup services, ONEighty Solutions is here to help. We will be there to support you when you have a tragedy to deal with. Our teams are caring and friendly and they will respond professionally to help you clean up so you can move on. 

You’re already going through enough. Don’t force yourself to try to clean up the aftermath of trauma. Contact us today. We offer emergency services and can respond quickly when you need us most. 

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