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Everything You Need to Know About Fire Damage

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Experiencing fire damage could easily be any homeowner’s worst nightmare. And it’s not just the fire that you have to worry about. Granted, that causes plenty of damage on its own. But then you also have smoke damage, smoke odors, and water damage to deal with as well. It’s a lot, and you should know where to turn if it happens to you. 

This guide walks you through the things you need to know and steps you can take if you find yourself facing fire damage. 

It’s Not Just Fire Damage

Unfortunately, when there is a fire, the damages extend far beyond just that of the fire. That’s really just the beginning of what you’re facing. Chances are you’re going to have to worry about these things as well:

  • Odor
  • Smoke damages
  • Soot
  • Burned items from fire
  • Water damage
  • Chemical damages

The fire itself wreaks havoc, but it brings smoke with it. What it leaves behind are soot stains, smoke damage, odors, and all of the items that were ruined in its wake. Some things can probably be cleaned up, but others may be a total loss. 

Chemical damages or hazards may occur from the things that burned in the fire. There may be actual chemicals, or you may have items that burned that released chemicals. 

And then there’s the water damage. Water or other materials will be used in order to put out a fire. Sometimes the damage caused by this water is more extensive than the actual fire damage. Even if it’s not, it will be a major part of the cleanup and restoration process. 

It’s Ok to Feel Overwhelmed

This experience was likely traumatic in some way, even if you’re just looking at the aftermath of damage and trying to figure out what to do next. It’s perfectly normal to feel a little sad and overwhelmed. 

Don’t try to stuff these feelings down or dismiss them. It’s important to work through it as part of the process. And don’t try to work through everything alone. We’re here to help, and there are other companies and resources here to support you as well. 

The Process Takes Time

We know you’re anxious about getting things taken care of and getting back into your home. That’s understandable. Unfortunately, it’s not going to happen overnight. It will likely take several days or weeks to work through the details and get things back to normal. 

We will work through each stage of the process with you. The first step is to ensure your home is secured as well as it can be. We will likely need to work closely with your insurance agency and you as we go through the details.

When everything is finished, your home will be restored, cleaned up, and those smoke odors will be gone. Be patient and flexible while we go through the steps to get things back to normal. 

We do work as quickly as possible. Try focusing on the things you can control or work on outside of cleanup and restoration. 

What Can You Do to Help? 

Most of the details should be left up to the professionals when it comes to cleanup and restoration. However, there are some things you can do. Here are a few tips: 

  • Don’t try to enter when it’s not safe
  • Don’t try DIY cleaning or odor removal
  • Allow air circulation into the home when you can (fans and open windows help)
  • Remove things that are not damaged or that can be salvaged
  • Wash your laundry in a commercial cleaner or use a dry cleaner
  • Do basic cleanup of soot and ashes left behind where it is safe to do so
  • Contact the necessary parties and keep your family safe

Safety is Important

We want you and your household to stay safe. Depending on the extent of damages, you likely will need to find somewhere to stay while cleanup happens. Most insurance plans can help with this temporarily. If you have family or friends, it might be good to stay with people who can support you during this time. 

There are likely hazards and safety concerns in the fire-damaged location. There could be chemicals in the air, but smoke is also a health hazard. And there may be unseen structural damage as well.

We Can Help with Fire Damage Restoration

If you’re facing fire damage or dealing with the aftermath of things like smoke odors or water damage, we can help. ONEighty Solutions can help you through every step of cleanup and restoration. Our teams are trained to provide the best care in the industry. 

Contact us today and let’s get your home back in order. We’re here to help.

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