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Fentanyl Is a Growing Problem – Get Cleanup Help When You Need It

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You’ve likely heard the stories of fentanyl overdoses and the popular use of adding fentanyl to certain illicit drugs on the market. It has been the source of many overdoses and exposures. When there is fentanyl present, professional fentanyl cleanup is a must. Fentanyl should be treated as a biohazard. 

The CDC reports that more than 150 people die every day from drug overdoses, and fentanyl accounts for one of the highest percentages of these deaths. The problem is that when using a recreational drug that is laced with fentanyl, you may not even realize it’s there, and it’s incredibly dangerous. A little bit too much can lead to an overdose. 

What Is Fentanyl? 

Fentanyl doesn’t have any smell, color, or even taste that people can pinpoint. This is an opioid drug that was actually approved by the FDA. Of course, for those purposes, it was intended to only be used as instructed by a doctor and in highly monitored doses. The synthetic opioid is very powerful. It has been compared to morphine in terms of painkillers, but it is far more potent. 

Typically, in a medical capacity, fentanyl is used to treat severe pain. 

The Dangers of Fentanyl

While fentanyl is an FDA-approved drug that is used only for severe pain, it has now become a drug used on the streets as well. It is very rarely used by itself; it is often laced into other drugs. Someone could use an illicit drug and not even know it has fentanyl in it. 

It has become increasingly common for drug dealers and individuals who make various drugs to mix fentanyl into the drugs. Fentanyl is found most frequently in things like heroin, methamphetamines, and cocaine, but may be found in other things as well. The fentanyl is cheaper and will result in a high feeling with much less ingested than most drugs. It cuts their costs, but it is also incredibly dangerous. 

If someone doesn’t know they are taking fentanyl, they could easily overdose as the dosages are very minimal. Because of this, fentanyl-laced drugs have become the top cause of drug overdoses in the United States in recent years. 

Identifying and Detecting Fentanyl

Since fentanyl has no color, smell, or taste, it can be challenging to detect. When it is suspected, it must be tested for. The inability to easily detect the substance is one of the things that makes it so dangerous. One of the challenges is that drug dealers may use it in different forms. They can use it in a variety of drugs. 

In addition, a surface may be cleaned, but if care wasn’t taken during the mixing process, there could be exposure in the air as well. In order to determine whether fentanyl is present, specialized tests must be run. This typically requires a third-party testing company. 

Fentanyl Cleanup Requirements

Any time there is a location where illegal drugs are found or being made, biohazard cleanup is required. These drugs are dangerous to use, but exposure on a large scale is even more hazardous and can be fatal. Those who are making the drugs wear specific protective gear as they do, and anyone entering the space should also do so. 

First responders in the field have had to undergo new training to be prepared for possible exposures. The cleaning industry must also be prepared. Just like any meth lab or drug location, if fentanyl is found, calling in the experts is a must. 

There are certainly some misleading things out there about fentanyl, but the danger of exposure and cleanup remains the same. Specialized cleaning gear and training are necessary to ensure the risks are properly eradicated and no unnecessary exposure occurs while cleaning. Teams that handle biohazard cleanup have the equipment and training necessary to safely handle the task. 

If you know of a drug lab or fentanyl that needs to be cleaned up, never try to do this on your own. Call in a professional team right away. 

Contamination Safe Handling

Whether you have a workplace dealing with possible fentanyl exposure or you busted a meth lab that has fentanyl on the grounds, this must be handled very carefully. In any scenario where this deadly drug is located, biohazard treatment should be applied for cleaning and handling purposes. 

A biohazard cleaning team can come in prepared to safely handle the contamination and clean surfaces as well as the air to protect those in the facility. Just wiping up residue will not be sufficient for this cleaning process. 

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When you suspect or know of a fentanyl situation, give us a call. ONEighty Solutions can safely and efficiently handle your cleanup needs. Our teams are fully trained and equipped to handle situations like these. We will clean up physical messes related to the drug as well as any possible airborne contamination. Contact us today for your cleaning needs. 

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