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Dirty Jobs: Sewage Clean-Up

sewage clean-up

Sewage backup and overflow can quickly turn any water damage into a dangerous emergency. Broken sewer pipes can leak millions of bacteria, germs, and bloodborne pathogens rapidly, contaminating anything they encounter. When it happens inside a home, sewage clean-up isn’t something homeowners can easily deal with, and in most cases, it is better to consult specialty sewage removal experts. Experienced sewage cleaning services provide homeowners and businesses with the safest, most reliable, and cost-effective solution to restoring their properties. When faced with a crisis like sewage backing up, it’s best to rely on industry professionals.

The Worst Type of Water Damage

There are several common reasons sewage leaks happen, many of which are often out of our control. From periods of heavy rain to natural disasters, sewage emergencies can happen anywhere and to anyone. Storm drains can be overwhelmed or damaged, which can cause problems for properties miles away. More regularly, backups happen when there are blockages in drains, structural damage, or surges in the general system. Underground septic systems are incredibly complex, interconnected, and easily overrun. Blockages in a sewage line can lead to toilets overflowing or pipes bursting. If a building suffers structural damage or the system wasn’t set up properly to begin with, it can cause frequent and widespread damage. When a problem arises, the wastewater can surge and violently shoot out of drains or appliances. Regardless of the method, these emergencies create immediately unsafe and hazardous situations that need to be addressed quickly.

Due to the health risks involved in handling human waste and sewage, when a leak happens, the best precaution is to clear the area and call a professional biohazard team to come and assess the damage. Septic water is dangerous and can permanently contaminate furniture, drywall, ceilings, floorings, or any surrounding surfaces. The faster the situation is contained, the more items and surfaces can be saved and the better the chances the property can be restored.

Sewage Safety Risks

Septic systems and wastewater play a critical role in keeping homes safe and healthy. When a pipe breaks or there is an overflow, the surrounding area becomes contaminated. Rather than just a simple water leak, wastewater leaks can be very harmful and require immediate attention. Exposure to sewer water can lead to waterborne or airborne infection and cause a variety of illnesses and health problems.

Wastewater is not only unsafe to touch, but harmful to breathe. When released indoors, sewage leaks toxic fumes that can expose you to hazardous pollutants. Air contamination is a major health risk, which is why it is critical to rely on industry professionals who are prepared for these situations. Professional biohazard teams are highly trained and maintain strict health and safety protocols to maximize disease prevention and ensure safe damage restoration.

Sewage Clean-Up is a Dirty Job

As mentioned, due to the risk severity of sewage contamination, it is important to trust industry professionals who understand the different health risks surrounding the clean-up process. To get the job done quickly and safely, all sewage removal experts wear protective gear and use specialty equipment. Typically, removal begins with locating and repairing the leak. Once the system is repaired and the outflow stopped, biohazard teams thoroughly remove all remaining wastewater and sewage. If the backup is stopped quickly enough, it is possible teams can save contaminated items. Anything salvageable is deep cleaned and sanitized; however, severe sewage damage may require totally removing the contaminated surface.

Other Complications

Leaked sewage can leave biological and chemical pollutants that remain long after any visible damage or cleaning is done. Just because the break is repaired and the sewage is removed, that does not mean the environment is safe to inhabit. Air and surface decontamination need to be completed by a licensed professional. Ensuring that the odor left behind by human waste and sewage water is an integral part of the cleaning process. Only after all toxins have been removed can a property be deemed safe and clean.

Proper damage restoration requires training, specialty equipment, and effective safety gear. Instead of putting you or your family at risk, rely on expert teams who know best how to get your business or home safe, clean, and back to its original condition quickly.

Trust Industry Professionals for Sewage Clean-Up

When a sewage emergency happens, keeping you and your family safe is the highest priority. When the worst happens, the sewage clean-up experts at ONEighty Solutions have you covered. As trained experts with years of experience in damage restoration and hazardous clean-up, our teams can help save you thousands in water damage. Trust our dedicated health and safety professionals to fully repair and restore your business or home from the unpredictable. Contact ONEighty Solutions now and save your property, time, and health from toxic water damage.

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