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Crime Scene Remediation: What You Should Know

crime scene remediation

Crime scenes can leave the bereaved at a loss for what to do next. They face grief, confusion, and trauma, so it doesn’t help if they are responsible for the ensuing trauma cleanup. 

Crime scenes may result from homicide, gun violence, and tear gas usage. Trauma professionals can ensure that the scene is biohazard-free and safe for re-entry. They also have the expertise to handle the scene with utmost commitment and respect.

Read on to learn about crime scene remediation and why you should leave it to professional service providers.

What is Crime Scene Remediation and Trauma Cleanup?

Trauma cleanup refers to special cleaning done to restore an unattended death scene or crime scene. These scenarios contain biohazards such as blood, urine, and feces, hence the need for specialized cleaning.

Biohazards are biological substances that pose a risk to human health or the environment. They can pass severe illnesses on to any individuals who make contact with them. For instance, some viruses and pathogens can live outside the body for longer periods of time.

Trauma cleaning services are performed by professionals who work on crime scenes and unattended death scenes to restore them to their pre-trauma state. They use unique equipment to sanitize the space and remove any residual biohazards.

Should You Handle Crime Scene Remediation or Trauma Cleanup Yourself?

A trauma scene can be heart-wrenching, especially for the bereaved. You may even feel an urge to touch the deceased. It is best not to handle trauma cleanup yourself, as you risk exposing yourself and others to biohazards. 

A crime scene can be full of dangerous biohazards that can make you very ill. As a result, it is best not to even approach the scene. While it’s difficult, in these times we must learn to grieve from a safe distance.

Trauma cleaning specialists are best suited to this type of cleanup because they have the expertise and equipment to safely remove biohazards and prevent them from endangering people.

Why You Should Leave Crime Scene Remediation to the Professionals

You should leave crime scene remediation to professionals because they have the skill and expertise to restore the area. Also, their expertise allows them to discreetly and respectfully handle the job

Here are a few other reasons why you should leave crime scene restoration to the experts:

They Have the Equipment

Trauma restoration specialists use personal protective equipment (PPE) to protect themselves from biohazardous contact while working on the scene. They also use industry-grade chemicals and disinfectants to sanitize the area and prepare it for safe re-entry.

Untrained individuals don’t necessarily have the access to such equipment, which is why trauma cleanup can endanger their health.

They Have the Expertise

One difference between professional trauma and untrained individuals is their training and expertise. Experience enables the experts to gauge the level of damage just by observing the scene. 

For instance, a small bloodstain on a carpet can indicate a pool of crystallized blood beneath the rug. Untrained cleaners may deem them insignificant and neglect such signs.

To Avoid Disrupting Investigations

Trauma cleaning specialists conduct their work in a discreet way that prevents them from disrupting police investigations. They work quietly and efficiently to remediate the scene without interrupting investigations.

To Avoid Damaging Forensics

A crime scene contains valuable forensics that can give information about the circumstances of a crime scene. These materials could include blood, teeth, or hair.

Professional trauma cleaning services avoid destroying forensics during cleanup, to aid with the investigations. Untrained individuals may not apply such cautions, subsequently damaging crucial evidence.

They Do Their Job Respectfully

Restoring a crime scene is no easy task. That’s why it’s best for bereaved relatives to not attempt restoration by themselves. Asides from the risk of biohazardous contact, remediating a crime scene is physically and psychologically challenging.

Expertise is not the only quality the specialists possess. Trauma restoration specialists have the empathy and integrity to work with individuals, families, and organizations who have just witnessed the traumatic event.  

Crime Scene Remediation

A crime scene takes its toll on everyone involved. At ONEighty Solutions, our specialists are here to help you take that first step toward moving forward. 

We understand the delicate nature of crime scene cleanup, so we work discreetly and respectfully to return the scene to its pre-trauma state. Our team is trained and prepared to handle any trauma cleanup scenario. 

If you are going through these difficult times, then it is time to call professional services. Contact us today – we’re always happy to help!

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