Crime Scene Cleanup

Trauma, Biohazards and Crime Scene Cleanup

Trauma and Crime Scene Cleanup are very complex and delicate tasks. When faced with what can be an overwhelming and dangerous cleanup task, many property owners are simply at a loss. ONEighty Solutions is an industry leader in crime scene cleanup.

Crime Scene Cleanup Requires Expertise

As a property owner, nothing can be more traumatic than when your home or property investment has become the scene of a crime, trauma incident or death. Faced with a complex clean-up involving bodily fluids or hazardous chemicals, crime scene cleanup requires trained professionals. Only a certified, experienced team with detailed training and the necessary industrial equipment should address such a hazardous task.

ONEighty Solutions Crime Scene Cleanup

As a family-owned business, ONEighty Solutions knows the sensitive nature involved with a death or crime scene cleanup. Offering some of the industry’s most experienced and certified experts, our technicians are trained and ready for any cleanup scenario including blood removal, fecal bacteria and hazardous chemicals. Working efficiently and quickly, our specialists will address not just the hazards you see but also the bacterial and chemical contaminants that are invisible to the naked eye. We make every effort to return your house or commercial property back to the place of comfort, health and safety it was before.

As part of our onsite cleanup, we use our proprietary Biosweep Process. The Biosweep Process can remove bacteria, viruses, mold and other contaminants from the air, making it safe again for both humans and pets.

ONEighty Solutions restores your property back to the point of good health. We are IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) certified industry professionals. Our detailed cleaning and sanitization process meets all government safety and environmental standards. We will make sure that your crime scene cleanup is fully completed the first time, removing all hazardous wastes, disinfecting all areas and assuring all odors are removed entirely.


No doubt you have already been through a traumatic event. Hiring a professional to help cleanup help takes away the pain for all involved with losing a loved one. It also gives you assurance that they are bringing the home or automobile back to a safe environment making sure that the proper materials are removed and disinfected properly.

ONEightly Solutions works with insurance companies all the time. Let’s us help you through the process of making a claim. Many times, they will cover such an unfortunate loss like suicide with little if no cost out of your pocket. First of all, we are here to help, so if you’re not sure about your insurance coverage or you are a property manager call us first.

First, call the authorities and exit the area, it is unsafe. At this point body fluids, blood and tissue are considered biohazard and can serious health effects for ones exposed to such an environment.

In 12 hours from the individual passing away the body can start to decompose especially in warmer climates. When that starts to break down the smell can get into everything, leaving behind painful memories of the event. Our BioSweep process is extremely effective in removing these hard to remove odors in 24-36 hours without completely demoing the entire affected area. The BioSweep process is so strong that it will treat all contents in place. At the same time is disinfects the entire area as well.

Depending on the amount of blood that is in the car you might be able to clean it up yourself. Be sure to do it fast, because as blood dries and it gets hot outside the odor can be very difficult to get out. If it is a lot of blood you might want to call a professional, so they can handle this situation properly.

That just depends what all is involved. A most jobs are done in less than 4 days, that includes hauling away all affected material and removing any odor left behind.

Personal Protection Equipment or PPE is very important. All ONEighty Solutions’ technicians are OSHA certified so that when they arrive on the scene they know how to protect themselves and others around them. After assessing the scene. They make sure it safe from anything that can harm you or anyone. They then follow a strict protocol to make sure every affected area is treated or disposed of, taking inventory of whatever needs to be disposed. ATP testing is done after the final treatment to make sure all contamination is removed.

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