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Crime Scene Cleanup Cedartown GA

Cedartown Crime Scene Cleanup Requires Expertise

As a property owner in Cedartown, GA., nothing can be more traumatic than when your home or property investment has become the scene of a crime, trauma incident or death. Faced with a complex clean-up involving bodily fluids or hazardous chemicals, crime scene cleanup requires trained professionals. Only a certified, experienced biohazard cleanup company with detailed training and the necessary industrial equipment should address your biohazard cleaning needs in Cedartown, GA.

ONEighty Solutions Crime Scene Cleanup in Cedartown, GA.

As a family-owned business in Cedartown, GA., ONEighty Solutions knows the sensitive nature involved with a death or crime scene cleanup. Offering some of the industry’s most experienced and certified experts, our technicians are trained and ready for any cleanup scenario including blood removal, fecal bacteria and hazardous chemicals. Working efficiently and quickly, our crime scene cleaners in Cedartown, GA. will address not just the hazards you see but also the bacterial and chemical contaminants that are invisible to the naked eye. We make every effort to return your house or commercial property back to the place of comfort, health and safety it was before.

As part of our onsite cleanup, we use our proprietary BioSweep Process™. The BioSweep Process™ can remove bacteria, viruses, mold and other contaminants from the air, making it safe again for both humans and pets.

ONEighty Solutions restores your property back to the point of good health. We are IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) certified industry professionals. Our detailed cleaning and sanitization process meets all government safety and environmental standards. We will make sure that your crime scene cleanup in Cedartown, GA. is fully completed the first time, removing all hazardous wastes, disinfecting all areas and assuring all odors are removed entirely.

Biohazard Cleanup Company Cedartown GA

ONEighty Is Fully Licensed in Trauma and Biohazard Cleanup

The state of Georgia has regulations now in place to make sure that biohazard cleanup is handled properly. We are excited that we are the second company to qualify for our trauma license in the state of Georgia :

GA (License #: TSWM-CO000002.)

By being approved to have a license through the state for this, we meet all the requirements and are educated on the correct procedures and protocols for biohazard cleanup. Now consumers can be assured that the trauma or biohazard that needs to be cleaned up will be done correctly and they no longer have to worry. We incorporate nanotechnology into our remediation in turn we are able to return the structure back to its owner faster.

Effective Biohazard Cleaning For Difficult Situations

Biohazard Cleaning Cedartown GA

An unfortunate reality is when a violent crime happens; local, state, and federal agencies are not responsible for any blood cleanup or decomposition odors afterwards. It’s the responsibility of the owner of the property or vehicle to handle such things. Most people however, are not mentally or emotionally equipped to handle this type of trauma cleanup.

Our trauma cleaners provide a variety of different biohazard cleanup services in Cedartown, GA. whether you need accident cleanup, homicide cleanup, suicide cleanup, or vehicle, RV, plane, or boat biohazard cleanup.

Undiscovered Death Cleanup

We offer 24/7 decomposition and undiscovered death cleanup services throughout Cedartown, GA. Throughout the process of natural decomposition, body tissues begin to break down, which in time results in the release of gases and bodily fluids. These substances can seep into carpets, subfloors and other building materials, leaving stains and unpleasant odors that, without proper cleaning, can linger in a home or business. We are respectful and sympathetic towards you when handling your unattended death cleanup. You can count on us to be discreet, respectful, and quick.

Murder Scene Cleanup

Once police and investigators leave the scene of a murder or homicide, a professional death scene cleanup crew in Cedartown, GA. will be needed to properly clean and disinfect the area, as well as to properly dispose of all biohazardous materials. It is important that complete death cleanup is completed before families assume residence of a home or coworkers go back to work after a person’s murder or homicide. The situation in itself is upsetting enough; living or working in the aftermath can be unbearable if the murder cleanup is not properly handled. The danger of potential infection by diseases remaining in body fluids, as well as fingerprint dust that may remain on the scene prior to an investigation, is very real.

Suicide Cleanup

If you find a person who has committed suicide, contact the Cedartown, GA. authorities. Do not disturb the scene, and be careful that you do not come into contact with any body fluids or other biohazardous materials, as these substances carry diseases, bacteria, and other dangerous toxins. Under no circumstances should you attempt to clean or sanitize the area yourself. Proper suicide cleaning of a home, property or vehicle can only occur utilizing specialized equipment and thorough training.

In certain situations, extensive damage can occur causing permanent staining and damage to surfaces. It may be necessary for our suicide cleanup technicians to remove pieces of flooring, walls and other areas of a property to ensure complete cleanup of a suicide.

Trauma Cleanup Cedartown GA

If someone you love has committed suicide, you have enough going on — you shouldn’t have to also worry about how to properly clean the site of a suicide. We strictly adhere to all regulations regarding how to deal with bloodborne pathogens, and we will take care of the cleanup situation, safely and completely.

Professional and Discreet Crime Scene Cleanup

If a traumatic incident has taken place, there are many tasks to attend to, including safe biohazard cleanup. We are a crime scene cleanup company in Cedartown, GA. specializing in crime scene cleanup, homicide cleanup, and suicide cleanup. Our highly trained crime scene cleanup technicians use rigorous procedures to document their thorough screening of all areas for dangerous fungi, bacteria, and viruses. Microbes remain from leftover blood and other materials. These microbes can remain on surfaces and spread through the air to contaminate other areas of the home. Our crime scene cleanup company in Cedartown near you is prepared to handle any unfortunate cleanup.

We Strive to Lead the Industry in Nano Technology!

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