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Our Vapor Moisture Barrier is Extremely Durable

The vapor barrier material that we use is a 14 mil product that is durable, bright white, tear proof, and easy to clean. We also take pride in making sure we have a seamless piece of material going from wall-to-wall as well as wrapping all columns in the middle of the home to make this a single piece. with a seam tape and then a three-inch top tape, not allowing this seam to pull apart. We also offer a 20-mil. product with a lifetime warranty.

Also, by installing this vapor barrier you can almost double your storage space below your home. The material we put down is extremely durable so whatever work needs to be done underneath the crawl space will not affect the vapor barrier, unlike cheaper 6 mil plastic that is sometimes put down.

Call us for a free quote today! We service Duluth, Lithonia, Cumming, Douglasville, Rome, Woodstock, Acworth, and many nearby areas in Georgia.

Installation Time :
The Marietta crawl space Vapor/Moisture barrier we use installs quickly in your crawl space; Typical jobs take less than a day.

Vapor Barrier

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