Musty Odor in Your House

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Proper mold remediation does NOT leave an odor

Musty odor in your home can be from the result of improper mold remediation somewhere in the home or in your crawl space. After any mold remediation, vapor barrier, or in capsulation you should not smell any musty smell inside your home, that is a good sign of a proper remediation when there is no odor. In order to get rid of a musty odor we need to find the source of what’s causing that. ONEighty Solutions is a licensed certified IICRC firm in Marietta, GA.

Dead mold spores are just as dangerous as live mold spores

A healthy crawl space will be free of any visual mold. Just because you are taking away the moisture, and you don’t remove the mold, doesn’t mean you still will not continue to have problems healthwise . The mold may not still be growing, but dead mold spores are just as dangerous as live mold spores to your health.

ONEighty Solutions is IICRC certified in mold removal

Noticing musty odors inside your home? This is a clear sign of mold or mildew issues. That musty smell comes from mildew that is caused from excess moisture or water damage in your crawl space. The air that circulates in your foundation can seep into your home, resulting in a musty smell.

So, if a company tells you that you do not have to do anything with the mold, they are wrong. Ask them for their certification in mold remediation. If they are not licensed or certified for mold remediation, be very careful of who you use.

Musty odor in your house

ONEighty Solutions solves the problem at its root cause

We think the best way to make sure you do not have mold in your crawl space is to encapsulate and seal off the entire crawl space controlling the environment with the Dehumidifier. But encapsulation is not always required. Other times we can put the proper controls in by diverting the water from the crawl space so that no water enters. As long as you have good ventilation pulling negative air out of the crawl space, and positive air from the house into the crawl space, you can get away with just a moisture or vapor barrier instead of the expense of full encapsulation and drainage inside the crawl space. ONEighty Solutions believes that if you can keep the water out of the crawl space it is a healthier environment for you and your family, and less maintenance to keep up with helping you avoid bigger issues down the road.

Get rid of musty odors from inside your home. We offer free quotes in Georgia, including Greater Atlanta, Marietta, Kennesaw, Alpharetta, Cartersville, Dunwoody, Sandy Springs, Smyrna, Vinings, and Villa Rica.

Take back your crawl space and start enjoying a healthy home.

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