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Musty Odor

Proper mold remediation does not leave an odor.

A musty odor in your home may arise from incomplete mold remediation either within the house or in the crawlspace. After any mold remediation, vapor barrier installation, or encapsulation, there should be no lingering musty scent. The absence of this odor is a strong indicator of successful remediation. To effectively eliminate the musty smell, it’s essential to identify its origin. ONEighty Solutions is a certified IICRC firm based in Marietta, GA.

Dead mold spores are just as dangerous as live mold spores.

A healthy crawlspace will be free of any visual mold. Just because you are taking away the moisture, and you don’t remove the mold, doesn’t mean you still will not continue to have problems healthwise. The mold may not still be growing, but dead mold spores are just as dangerous as live mold spores to your health.

ONEighty Solutions
ONEighty Solutions

ONEighty Solutions is IICRC certified in mold removal.

Noticing musty odors inside your home? This is a clear sign of mold or mildew issues. That musty smell comes from mildew that is caused from excess moisture or water damage in your crawl space. The air that circulates in your foundation can seep into your home, resulting in a musty smell.

So, if a company tells you that you do not have to do anything with the mold, they are wrong. Ask them for their certification in mold remediation. If they are not licensed or certified for mold remediation, be very careful of who you use.

ONEighty Solutions solves the problem at its root cause.

To effectively prevent mold growth in your crawlspace, ONEighty Solutions recommends a comprehensive encapsulation and sealing approach, complemented with a dedicated dehumidifier to regulate the environment. However, full encapsulation may not always be necessary. In certain scenarios, by efficiently diverting water away and ensuring no ingress into the crawlspace, and by maintaining optimal ventilation—facilitating the expulsion of negative air from the crawlspace and the intake of positive air from the main residence—it becomes feasible to rely solely on a moisture or vapor barrier. This approach can be a more cost-effective alternative to complete encapsulation and internal drainage. Our primary objective at ONEighty Solutions is to promote a moisture-free crawlspace, resulting in a healthier environment for occupants and minimizing future maintenance, thereby mitigating potential complications.

ONEighty Solutions

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