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Mold can cause structural damage to your house

Crawl spaces today that were built 20, 30 even 50 years ago are not conducive to the climate that we presently have here in Marietta,GA. Many crawl spaces have improper ventilation and high levels of moisture which creates a perfect environment for mold to grow without you even knowing it. This mold can cause structural damage to your house and even cause a severe allergic reaction to you in your main living area of your home. The air in your crawl space will circulate through the rest of your home and negatively impact the quality of the air you breathe.

Moisture plays a big part in mold development

Moisture plays a big part in mold developing in your crawl space. Also, insulation installed improperly or the wrong kind of insulation in a crawl space can cause more harm than good. It is vital that you clean the mold off your floor joists and floor decking first before doing any kind of vapor barrier or encapsulation.

ONEighty Solutions solves the problem at its root cause

To prevent and eliminate mold in your crawl space, you have to solve the problem at its root cause: excess water, humidity and moisture ONEighty Solutions in Marietta is fully IICRC certified and specializes in basement and crawl space mold remediation and prevention as well as waterproofing.

You might spend more time in your crawl space then you thought. You are breathing the air that your crawl space produces. This air sometimes gets transferred through your HVAC system that is not sealed up properly, bringing contaminated air into your main living area. Also, there are many gaps in holes in the floor that connect your main living space to your crawl space where mold spores can enter your home. Since the size of a mold spore can be .5 microns or larger at 20 microns; it is easy for moldy air to enter your home without you even knowing. Is your crawl space making you sick? If so, call ONEighty Solutions in Marietta, GA. for an evaluation of your crawl space.

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