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Moldy Crawl Space

Mold can cause structural damage to your house.

Crawlspaces today that were built 20, 30 even 50 years ago are not conducive to the climate that we presently have here in Marietta,GA. Many crawl spaces have improper ventilation and high levels of moisture which creates a perfect environment for mold to grow without you even knowing it. This mold can cause structural damage to your house and even cause a severe allergic reaction to you in your main living area of your home. The air in your crawlspace will circulate through the rest of your home and negatively impact the quality of the air you breathe.

Moisture plays a big part in mold development.

Moisture plays a big part in mold developing in your crawlspace. Also, insulation installed improperly or the wrong kind of insulation in a crawlspace can cause more harm than good. It is vital that you clean the mold off your floor joists and floor decking first before doing any kind of vapor barrier or encapsulation.

ONEighty Solutions
ONEighty Solutions

ONEighty Solutions solves the problem at its root cause.

To effectively address and eradicate mold within your crawlspace, it is imperative to target the foundational issue: the accumulation of excess water, elevated humidity, and uncontrolled moisture. ONEighty Solutions, headquartered in Marietta, is distinguished by its IICRC certification, specializing in mold remediation and prevention in basements and crawlspaces, complemented by our expertise in waterproofing.

The influence of your crawlspace on your daily life might be more significant than you realize. The air quality within this substructure directly impacts the breathable air in your residence. On occasion, this air, potentially laden with contaminants, is channeled through HVAC systems that may lack proper sealing. This facilitates the transfer of this compromised air into your primary living spaces. Moreover, imperfections such as crevices and apertures in your flooring can establish a conduit between your main living environment and the crawlspace, permitting the ingress of mold spores. Given that mold spores can range in size from 0.5 to 20 microns, it is feasible for tainted air to permeate your living quarters surreptitiously. Wondering if your crawlspace might be detrimentally affecting your health? Call ONEighty Solutions for a comprehensive evaluation.

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