When we hear about air pollution and issues in the air we breathe, we tend to consider only outdoor air pollution caused by smoke and chemicals from factories and motor vehicles. Good indoor air quality (sometimes referred to as IAQ) is a significant determiner of healthy living for people. We often spend many hours of the day in a four-cornered space - at home, in school, or in the office - where several chemicals and pollutants are present that can cause many health complications in our bodies, like headaches, allergies, and fatigue. The air quality in our homes can be up to five times more polluted than the air outside. Most people advocate against outdoor air pollution, but not as many recognize the dangers of being exposed to poor indoor air quality. How Polluted Indoor Air Can Affect You Poor indoor air quality can be much worse than you imagine. The air flowing in ... Read More
December 23, 2022Oneighty


Cat urine odor is a part of owning cats that every owner dreads. Cats are great furry companions, and we do everything to keep them comfortable. But their urine is often more than an inconvenience. Whether it was an accident or your feline friend isn’t housebroken, cat urine odor presents a stinky challenge. Cat urine can crystallize and fill the surrounding area with an ammonia-like smell. In many cases, that area is our home. Why Does Cat Urine Smell So Bad? Cat urine smells pungent because of a unique adaptation. Cats have adapted to several unique environments over the centuries. One such adaptation is how they use water. Cats use every drop of water in their food, meaning they don’t have to drink as much water as other animals. To economize water, cats secrete highly concentrated urine - hence the pungent odor. Other factors can also contribute to the smell of cat urine. For instance, ... Read More
October 26, 2022Oneighty
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Pet Odor and Pet Dander, Their Effects on Pet Owners We all love our pets more than they could ever imagine. They love us for who we are and we love them for who they are. However, the endless amounts of cat and dog hairs on your clothing and the Pet Odor throughout your home can be a bit overwhelming. Plus, Pet Odor is common and that is on top of the Pet Dander. You obviously wouldn’t get rid of them, but what’s the solution? ONEighty Solutions is here to help you get rid of Pet Odor and Pet Dander for good. Source of Pet Odor While confident your pet is healthy, odors can sometimes be signs of unhealthy pups and cats. The first solution to any unhealthy conditions that are causing odors is to visit the vet. This may not be completely necessary but can help you and your pet feel better. ... Read More
June 15, 2018Oneighty
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The Detrimental Aftereffects of Smoke Damage and How Smoke Damage Restoration Can Help The real estate market is thriving at the moment. Most agents will tell you that there has never been a more competitive time in real estate. Houses are in tremendous demand. Given that, very few properties stay on the market for very long before getting a handful of generous bids. However, the houses that do linger on the market have displeasing flaws – smoke damage being the most common and most appalling. Though your home may suffer from a persistent smell of smoke, smoke damage restoration is a worthwhile process that will remove such odors from your home. Using Smoke Damage Restoration to Repair Your Property Value As a study sponsored by Pfizer Canada recently reported, homes that had traces of cigarette smoke decreased in value by as much as 30 percent. A $250,000 house decreased in value by 30 ... Read More
April 23, 2018Oneighty


Does Your Property Need Odor Removal? When shoppers are looking for a new home, they usually don’t judge a house based on its little details like wall color; that can always be painted later on. Smell, however, is a lingering quirk that can’t be covered by paint or masked by an air freshener. It’s a make-or-break flaw that sends a lot of buyers onto the next one. How do you save your property value if your real estate is cursed with an odor? The fact of the matter is that smell, whether harmful to our health or distasteful to our senses, needs to be removed professionally to completely disappear. If your home is in need of odor removal, look no further than the trusted professionals at ONEighty Solutions. The Residential Faults that Require Odor Removal We all know the feeling of walking into someone else’s home and being struck with an unwelcoming odor ... Read More
April 13, 2018Oneighty


BioSweep Is The Odor Elimination Solution Above The Rest  Eliminating most odors is a factor that most take for granted daily. We use countless deodorants to counteract smells in our homes, businesses or vehicles. Unfortunately, not all “solutions” solve the odor issue. For example, Hydroxy and Ozone Generators get the job done, but there are many boxes that those systems don’t check off. That’s why ONEighty is here to explain why BioSweep is the Leader in Odor Elimination.    Odor Elimination Shoot Out Against Ozone, Hydroxy Generators and BioSweep Nothing signals trouble in your home, apartment or commercial property like odor. Whether it is a new smell or a residual odor from years of an activity, you need to remove odors quickly and permanently the first time. When searching for the solution, you’re likely to pass by options like ozone and hydroxy generators. While these systems do assist in Odor Elimination, BioSweep is the industry leader in eliminating odor. Here’s how Ozone and Hydroxy Generators don’t make the cut.   Ozone – ... Read More
April 10, 2018Oneighty


When a person first comes into a home, their senses are awakened to a pleasant smell, a neutral smell, or a foul odor. It is a common fact that most people's homes will begin to smell like the people who live there, or their pets. People's homes can take on the odor of their habits. If a homeowner smokes cigarettes or cigars indoors, the home will begin to smell like an ashtray over time. If the homeowner cleans fish in the kitchen, it can smell like fish all through the home! If the homeowner enjoys the company of several cats or dogs, the home's odor will give you a sign as soon as you enter through the front door. With a real estate property, odors may not be simple to eliminate. There are a lot of places that lingering odors can hide! For this reason, property owners should call ONEighty Solutions for ... Read More
September 10, 2017Oneighty


If your home or business has been damaged by a fire, it takes more than just repairing the damage to return your structure to normal. Grease fires, accidental spills, electrical fires, and other common causes of fire damage in commercial and residential buildings can also leave traces behind in the form of smoke. If you are repairing fire damage, you should also hire smoke removal services in Canton. This is the only way to truly remove all signs of fire damage. Normally, fire damage restoration involves tearing out damaged appliances, discarding burnt possessions and furniture, replacing drywall, repainting, and sometimes even replacing flooring. This work is simple and easy-to-plan. After all, you must simply look for the charred, blackened, or obliterated elements in the building. While this work may be pricey, failing to hire smoke odor elimination will be at your peril. Why? These are the top reasons why you ... Read More
March 27, 2017Oneighty


Your home can become full of unwanted odors within a matter of seconds. It doesn't matter whether it's trash, pets, children, or mildew—odors can affect the comfort in your home regardless of the source. You aren't the only person who notices the foul smells in your home. Your guests, neighbors, and children will notice as well. Trying to remove these unwanted smells can be tricky. The process of removing odors in Marietta can leave you stressed and exhausted after a few hours. In many homes, the odors come from kitchens, trash, dirty carpets, and bathrooms. Sometimes it can be difficult to locate the source of the smell. Thankfully, there are a few effective ways to remove your unwanted odor from your home. General Odors Try to use your nose to locate the general location of the smell. Once you have narrowed down the area, try to find the exact source. When you find the ... Read More
March 16, 2017Oneighty
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