Allergens are foreign substances that cause the body to produce an allergic reaction. During an allergy, your body mistakenly reacts to certain substances that it detects as dangerous. It responds by making antibodies to fight these substances, resulting in an allergic reaction. Some examples of common allergens are mold, dander, pollen, and dust mite feces. Professional cleaning services often find all of these allergens in homes. Luckily, they use unique technologies to help decrease your exposure to the trigger at home. Common Indoor Allergens Mold Mold is a dust-like fungus that populates water-damaged areas. When the body detects mold spores, it recognizes them as foreign bodies and forms antibodies against them. Exposure to certain types of mold, especially black mold, can cause severe respiratory and vascular conditions. Dander Dander is the material shed from animals’ bodies. It is similar to dandruff when excess skin flakes become visible. Dander particles are so small that human eyes cannot ... Read More
December 16, 2022Oneighty


Water damage can be unexpected, leaving you at a loss when faced with extensive damage. If neglected, the damage can cost a fortune in repairs and replacements. However, specific actions can prevent the damage from getting worse. Water damage is a structural and health hazard. It invites pests, mold, and mildew. A damaged space brims with biohazards, so property owners should not attempt to restore the damage themselves. Read on to learn more about water damage, its effects, and why you should involve professional services in dealing with it. What is Water Damage? Water damage refers to the losses suffered when water impacts or destroys property and structures. Destructive processes include mold growth, bacteria growth, steel rusting, and wood rotting. If it’s caught quickly, professionals can remediate the damage and keep losses minimal.  Here are a few causes: Leaking roofs Clogged toilets Overflow from a washing machine, bathtub, or sink Air conditioner leaks Pipe leaks Floods and storms Types of Damage Experts categorize water ... Read More
December 9, 2022Oneighty


Discovering an unattended death is not a minor issue. It can have long-lasting emotional and psychological effects on the discoverer.  The odors resulting from bodily fluids and decomposition often accompany unattended deaths, which means the scene can be jarring. Relatives of the deceased may face the urge to approach or even touch the body. Please resist that urge, as you will expose yourself and other relatives to the biohazards found on the scene. Here are the basics you should know about unattended deaths and how to handle the cleanup. What is an Unattended Death? An unattended death is a death that goes unnoticed. It can be discovered days, weeks, or even months after death. Unattended deaths may result from drug use, natural causes, and suicide. Unattended deaths are most common in older adults, people who live alone, and people who misuse drugs. Should You Handle an Unattended Death by Yourself? You should never attempt to clean up ... Read More
December 2, 2022Oneighty


Crime scenes can leave the bereaved at a loss for what to do next. They face grief, confusion, and trauma, so it doesn’t help if they are responsible for the ensuing trauma cleanup.  Crime scenes may result from homicide, gun violence, and tear gas usage. Trauma professionals can ensure that the scene is biohazard-free and safe for re-entry. They also have the expertise to handle the scene with utmost commitment and respect. Read on to learn about crime scene remediation and why you should leave it to professional service providers. What is Crime Scene Remediation and Trauma Cleanup? Trauma cleanup refers to special cleaning done to restore an unattended death scene or crime scene. These scenarios contain biohazards such as blood, urine, and feces, hence the need for specialized cleaning. Biohazards are biological substances that pose a risk to human health or the environment. They can pass severe illnesses on to any individuals who make ... Read More
November 25, 2022Oneighty


Biohazards pose health threats to everyone exposed to them. They pollute the air and water with harmful biotoxins that cause severe health conditions. As a result, exposing ourselves to them is a considerable risk. Professional cleaning services like ONEighty Solutions are suited to do biohazard cleanup because they have the expertise and equipment to handle the job. Untrained individuals don’t necessarily have access to this equipment or knowledge, putting them at high risk of biohazardous contact. Read on to learn about biohazards, their effects, and why you should leave biohazard cleanup to professionals. What are Biohazards? “Biohazards” refers to biological substances that threaten living organisms, including the environment. These substances may be bacteria, viruses, and other dangerous substances that can cause severe illness or even death. We can find biohazards at crime scenes, unattended death scenes, and in hospitals.  It is best to involve professional services when handling biohazards to prevent the spreading of these ... Read More
November 18, 2022Oneighty


Mold infestations are a property owner's nightmare. They destroy fabric and furniture and even cause structural damage. If neglected, mold can cause major damage to valuable property, causing homeowners to spend a fortune on replacements. Here is what not to do during a mold infestation. What is Mold? Mold is a type of fungi that thrives on animal and plant matter. We can find mold in homes, offices, and outdoors.  Outside, mold is helpful to plants and soil. It breaks down plant and animal matter and returns valuable nutrients to the earth. However, when mold develops indoors, it becomes a problem. What Causes Mold? Moisture causes mold. Mold thrives on moisture, which is why we find it around water-damaged areas. Interestingly, mold lives everywhere. Evidence shows that humans breathe a fair share of mold spores daily. However, it is usually not a severe health problem unless you already have a major health condition. While there's not much you ... Read More
November 4, 2022Oneighty


Whether you have experienced storm damage before or it’s your first time, one thing is certain: recovery is challenging. Once you experience storm damage, you start to doubt the integrity of your building and whether you can move back in. Trust your instincts and never enter a storm-damaged property until professionals have cleared it for entry. What Does Severe Storm Damage Involve? Storm damage encompasses other forms of damage such as: Fire Lightning Flood Wind damage When it comes to storm-related damage, the property must be evaluated for reentry by specialists. Types of Storm Damage Roof Damage During a storm, wind can cause trees to crash onto your roof. The roof damage can introduce mold, mildew, and water damage. With roof damage, you face a roof that can cave in at any time. Electrical Damage If lightning hits your home, the power grid may be overloaded. Power surges from lightning can severely damage electrical systems. An effective preventive measure is to install lightning rods ... Read More
October 6, 2022Oneighty


A crime scene is any space where a criminal offense has been committed. When a crime occurs, it is natural to be in a state of panic. The crime, loss, and trauma can be overwhelming.  Crime scene cleanup or trauma restoration refers to the removal of blood, bodily fluids, and other hazardous material from a crime scene. Professional crime scene cleaners handle varying degrees of crime-involved cleaning. It can range from battery and burglary, to more tragic events like homicides, suicides, and unattended deaths. Professional services also work to restore areas affected by tear gas. In the past, crime scene cleanup, especially involving the death of a loved one, was solely handled by the family. It is emotionally, physically, and mentally challenging to do this. The family often lacks the know-how and equipment to handle the cleanup thoroughly. For this reason, they risk contracting an illness from contact with biohazards.  A biohazard is ... Read More
September 30, 2022Oneighty


Sewage backup and overflow can quickly turn any water damage into a dangerous emergency. Broken sewer pipes can leak millions of bacteria, germs, and bloodborne pathogens rapidly, contaminating anything they encounter. When it happens inside a home, sewage clean-up isn’t something homeowners can easily deal with, and in most cases, it is better to consult specialty sewage removal experts. Experienced sewage cleaning services provide homeowners and businesses with the safest, most reliable, and cost-effective solution to restoring their properties. When faced with a crisis like sewage backing up, it’s best to rely on industry professionals. The Worst Type of Water Damage There are several common reasons sewage leaks happen, many of which are often out of our control. From periods of heavy rain to natural disasters, sewage emergencies can happen anywhere and to anyone. Storm drains can be overwhelmed or damaged, which can cause problems for properties miles away. More regularly, backups ... Read More
September 16, 2022Oneighty
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