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When you need cleanup or restoration services in Cartersville, GA and the surrounding areas, ONEighty Solutions is here to help. Every situation is unique, and we will take a customized approach to ensure that your needs are met. Our goal is to help you accomplish better air quality while providing reliable, trustworthy services. We can assist with cleanup or restoration needs in both residential and commercial locations.

ONEighty Solutions specialists are IICRC certified. This certification indicates that we have gone through extensive training in many different types of cleaning and restoration. We adhere to all local, state, and government standards as a certified company. We take great pride in offering high-quality work thanks to the use of our innovative BioSweep nanotechnology.

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Water Damage Restoration in Cartersville, GA

Water damage can strike in many different ways and can happen at any time. Whether your water damage stems from nearby flooding, a failed sump pump, or another cause, we can help. The most common source of water damage is from burst pipes or malfunctioning appliances, such as water heaters, dishwashers, and washing machines. When you experience water damage, give us a call and we’ll respond quickly.

ONEighty Solutions has worked to become an industry leader in water damage cleanup and restoration in Cartersville, GA, for both residential and commercial properties.

Our teams are trained and certified to cover every step of the restoration and cleanup process, including:

With the best technology in the industry and our specialized training, we can quickly work through every step to get your space cleaned up and restored. At ONEighty Solutions, we provide 24-hour emergency services and can be there when you need us most! Give us a call for your water damage situations.

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Mold Damage Restoration in Cartersville, GA

One of the worst things about mold damage is that it can grow unseen until it becomes a major problem. At that point, mold damage can quickly get out of hand and cause issues with your health. No home or business owner wants to find mold, but the unfortunate truth is that it does happen. When you find mold, it is critical that you react quickly to get the mold removed and make the space clean and safe again.

At ONEighty Solutions, we use a process that is both safe and eco-friendly. We are an industry leader in the Cartersville, GA area for mold removal and remediation needs. We provide quality workmanship and service throughout the entire process.

We are a locally owned and operated company, and we want to give you a great experience. We will diligently work to remediate mold, odors, and other associated hazards to improve your air quality and space.

Our mold remediation process is pretty simple. Here’s a quick overview

  1. Start by investigating the damages and creating a plan to fight them. 
  2. Set up necessary safety parameters such as containment, air filtration, and any other precautions. 
  3. Treat the mold and restore the space. 
  4. Complete final cleanup and sanitation process. 
  5. Do a final inspection to make sure it’s gone! 

Our specialized teams are trained to use the proper equipment and processes during mold removal. Our industry-leading BioSweep nanotechnology sets us apart from most other providers in this area. 

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Biohazard Cleanup in Cartersville, GA

Biohazard cleaning is not just your average cleaning. These situations are often misunderstood but require extensive training, certification, and protective measures to handle correctly. Most cleaning companies avoid biohazard cleanup because of the requirements. But at ONEighty Solutions, we believe in tackling even the most difficult of cleanup needs, which includes biohazards.

A biohazard scenario can come in many different forms. The situation varies significantly, but through each potential hazard, we can effectively clean up to provide you a safe and clean space yet again. We offer biohazard cleaning for both residential and commercial properties.

These are some common biohazard examples

Georgia offers state-specific trauma cleanup licensing. ONEighty Solutions is proud to be the second company to obtain this license. We can handle all of your biohazard cleanup needs safely and discreetly.

Infectious Disease Cleanup in Cartersville, GA

An infectious disease means that airborne pathogens allow the disease to spread easily. In order to stop the spread, you must respond to any potential exposure in the Cartersville, GA area with cleanup and sanitation. This is true of homes, businesses, and healthcare facilities alike.

We use our innovative BioSweep nanotechnology to decontaminate and sanitize any space that has been exposed to an infectious disease.

Our BioSweep technology is one of the most reliable solutions for infectious disease cleanup.

Odor Removal and Cleanup in Cartersville, GA

Tough odors can be incredibly hard to get rid of. After all, that’s why they’re referred to as “tough” odors. The challenge most people face is not actually fighting the source of the odor. These odors linger because of microparticles that seep into surfaces and even building materials. In order to remove the odor, you’ve got to eliminate those particles. ONEighty Solutions can help you remove odors from the source and make your air clean again.

With the use of our innovative BioSweep technology, we work to combat the source of the odor, effectively providing a deeper and fresher clean. This nanotechnology eliminates tough odors for good and sanitizes the space during the process.

Common challenging odors include:

When you need help with a tough odor, we can help!

Let ONEighty Solutions Help with Your Cleanup and Restoration Needs in Cartersville, GA

ONEighty Solutions is proud to offer comprehensive solutions for many different restoration and cleanup needs affecting both homes and commercial properties. We can provide services to help with biohazards, infectious disease, mold remediation, water damage, and so much more.

We are proud to be a locally owned and operated business that employs specialized and skilled teams to provide high-quality solutions and exceptional customer service for every single project. Contact us today for help with your cleanup and restoration needs in the Cartersville, GA area.

We Strive To Lead The Industry In Nano Technology!

Contact us today for your cleanup or restoration needs!

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