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Real Estate Mold & Odor Removal

Mold and odor can cost you business.

Move your property faster with ONEighty Solutions by overcoming buyer objections due to odor-related issues!

Our process is fast, efficient and effective!

If you are in the real estate business, or if you lease or own multiple properties, you know that it is extremely important to make the home or condo smell like new. No one wants to move into a space that has residual odors left from the previous resident or their pets.

Home smells can linger. The odors from cigar or cigarette smoke, cats or dogs, foods, or an unclean environment can be tough to eliminate. This is how our BioSweep system can help. We have the technology to make the property smell fresh and clean again. Our air cleaning and decontamination process doesn’t just fix it temporarily, it eliminates the odors for good!

ONEighty Solutions

Are foul odors costing you business?

Unpleasant home odors can be real estate deal killers. The sale or rent of your home is made or lost shortly after the front door is opened. Bad home odors like pet urine, cigarette smoke and food odor can cost you the sale or rental.

ONEighty Solutions’ odor removal technology permanently and safely eliminates all odors and restores a fresh, clean smell throughout the property. The ONEighty Solutions home odor control process is 100% natural and uses no chemicals.

Here’s How We Get Rid of the Problem…

Our equipment’s unique, five-stage process combines the latest in airborne and surface decontamination technology. Unlike any other equipment available on the market today, the BioSweep process creates a hydroxyl radical plasma gas inside of the unit’s intense decontaminating chamber, producing and exporting very high levels of vaporized hydrogen peroxide and purified ozone out into treatment areas for effective surface decontamination. Our process is 100% natural and chemical free. Our equipment produces permanent results! Call today so we can restore a fresh, clean smell throughout your property.

ONEighty Solutions

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