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Expert Biohazard Cleanup Solutions in Marietta, GA

ONEighty Solutions is Georgia’s premier restoration service company

ONEighty Solutions: Northern Georgia's Premier Biohazard Cleanup & Restoration Service

In an unpredictable world filled with unforeseen events, having a trustworthy ally for comprehensive cleanup and restoration is vital. At ONEighty Solutions, we are more than just a cleaning service; we are your partner in restoring safety, peace, and normalcy during challenging times.

Why Choose ONEighty Solutions?

While many cleaning and restoration services promise efficient work, few truly commit to the range and depth of expertise required for biohazard scenarios. At ONEighty Solutions, we aren’t content with the status quo. We take pride in going beyond, ensuring even the most arduous restoration needs are met with precision, dedication, and care.

The Many Faces of Biohazards

Biohazards are not singular in nature. Their impact varies, and so does the approach to tackle them. Here are just some of the challenges we’re trained to manage:

  • Human & Animal Waste:

    From sewage backups to unfortunate accidents, our team is well-equipped to deal with waste-related biohazards.

  • Microbial Threats:

    Harmful fungi, bacteria, or viruses can compromise the safety of a space. We neutralize these threats, ensuring a hygienic environment.

  • Traumatic Events:

    The aftermath of unattended deaths, crime scenes, suicides, or murders demands sensitivity and professionalism. We handle these with the utmost discretion and respect.

  • Chemical Incidents:

    Accidental chemical spills can be hazardous. Our experts ensure the affected area is treated and restored to safety.

  • Infectious Diseases:

    With increasing global threats, containment and cleanup of infectious diseases become paramount. Trust us to secure and restore affected spaces.

Qualifications That Speak

ONEighty Solutions is not only licensed with the state of Georgia, but we’re also the second company in the state to achieve the qualification for trauma cleanup licenses. This distinction speaks of our unwavering commitment to excellence and stringent adherence to regulatory requirements.

More Than Just Biohazards

While our proficiency in handling biohazards is unparalleled, our capabilities don’t stop there. ONEighty Solutions offers a holistic solution for various restoration and cleanup challenges, both for homes and commercial entities. Be it water damage, mold remediation, or infectious disease containment; we’ve got you covered.

IICRC Certified Professionals

All our teams possess IICRC certification, a globally recognized benchmark for inspection, cleaning, and restoration. This means when you choose ONEighty, you’re not just opting for a service; you’re entrusting your space to certified professionals who prioritize your safety and well-being.

Exceptional Customer Service - A Promise, Not Just A Tagline

At ONEighty Solutions, we’re deeply invested in the communities we serve. Our commitment to Marietta, GA, and surrounding areas isn’t just about offering high-quality solutions, but also ensuring every client experiences unparalleled customer service. We understand the emotional and logistical turmoil that comes with requiring biohazard cleanup, and we approach each project with empathy, discretion, and urgency.

In Northern Georgia, when life presents challenges that demand expert cleanup and restoration, remember that ONEighty Solutions stands ready. Our vast experience, combined with our state-of-the-art equipment, makes us the best choice for all your needs.

Your safety and peace of mind are paramount. Let ONEighty Solutions help restore them. Reach out to us today for prompt, efficient, and compassionate service in the Marietta, GA area.

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