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Choose an industry-leading company for cleanup or restoration services when you use ONEighty Solutions in Atlanta, GA and surrounding areas. Our specialized teams provide many different restoration and cleanup services ranging from water damage to biohazard cleaning. We strive to provide high-quality workmanship for each of our clients, no matter what the situation may be.

ONEighty Solutions is a locally-owned and operated business. Our teams are IICRC certified, ensuring that we go the extra mile to meet all state, local, and government requirements with any work that we do. We can help with many different services, which you can read more about below.

Did we mention our exclusive BioSweep technology? This nanotechnology is perfect for cleaning and sanitizing following any type of damage, disaster, or exposure.

Water Damage Restoration in Atlanta, GA

The thing about water damage is you just never really know when it’s going to happen to you. Despite your best efforts, you might still face an unexpected water emergency. Water doesn’t check your schedule, which is why ONEighty Solutions offers 24/7 emergency services. We will be there for you no matter what time of day it is when you have a water emergency. Don’t panic – just give us a call!

ONEighty Solutions prides itself on being an industry leader in water damage cleanup and restoration. We can help you clean up the mess and bring hope to what probably seems like a dire situation. Our services are available to both residential and commercial properties experiencing any type of water damage. Whether it’s a faulty sump pump, heavy rains, or a burst pipe, we’ve got you covered.

water damage

We provide services through:

And we offer other related services that you need to help take care of your water problem. We use the best equipment in the industry, and our teams are all trained to respond quickly and help you get your situation under control.

Mold Damage Restoration in Atlanta, GA

Dealing with mold damage isn’t an average situation. You never know whether the mold you are dealing with could be toxic. That’s where we come in. ONEighty Solutions offers a safe and effective approach to mold damage restoration in Atlanta, GA. Give us a call as soon as you discover or suspect mold and we will be there quickly to get it handled.

Our mold removal and cleanup process is eco-friendly and designed to help you effectively get rid of mold and sanitize any affected areas. We will work through each step of the process to ensure your home or business space is safe and clean again.

black mold

Here is a quick look at our process:

  1. Investigate damages and create a plan
  2. Set up safety requirements and containment 
  3. Remediate, remove, and restore damaged areas
  4. Sanitize any exposed or contaminated space
  5. Complete a final inspection

As an IICRC certified company, we go to great lengths to ensure your safety and to effectively get rid of your mold damage. We use our BioSweep nanotechnology for sanitization purposes so you know your space is fresh, clean, and protected from further mold exposure. We follow all safety requirements and are trained to handle even dangerous forms of mold.

Biohazard Cleanup in Atlanta, GA

A biohazard scenario can occur for many different reasons. In some cases, it may be hoarding, infectious disease exposure, or perhaps a trauma or crime scene. No matter what type of biohazard scenario you’re facing, ONEighty Solutions can help. Our teams are fully trained and certified to handle biohazard cleanup in Atlanta, GA. We have the necessary equipment and skills to safely handle your situation.

We take great care to provide top-notch customer service in what is likely already a challenging situation. We also offer discretion when you’re facing a trauma or death situation as well. No one else needs to know your business.

These are some of the most common biohazard situations that we work with:

Georgia supplies a specialized trauma cleanup licensing and ONEighty Solutions is proud to be the second company that’s fully licensed through Georgia for trauma cleanup. We’re here for you, even in complicated situations. Let us help!

Infectious Disease Cleanup in Atlanta, GA

Sickness is a sensitive matter and you certainly don’t want to be responsible for the potential spread of an infectious disease. That’s where we come in. ONEighty Solutions provides infectious disease cleanup in Atlanta and the surrounding areas of Georgia. Whether you’re a healthcare facility, a home, or a public location with a recent exposure, we can help!

These are some examples of infectious diseases we may be able to help with:

With our innovative BioSweep nanotechnology, we can eradicate pathogens and particles that could lead to the spread of one of these infectious diseases. Give us a call when you have a potential exposure on your hands.

Odor Removal and Cleanup in Atlanta, GA

Complex odors are not something you can fight with everyday baking soda or vinegar treatments. While these may help in small doses or for temporary odor relief, they will not completely get rid of the cause of an odor. This means your odor will return because it’s not really “gone.”

But we have a solution for that! ONEighty Solutions uses our specialized BioSweep technology to remove complex odors that are otherwise nearly impossible to get rid of. The technology works to completely eliminate the particles that have found their way into surfaces and are holding the odors in place.

We can help with odors like:

When a DIY solution isn’t getting rid of your odor, it’s time to call the experts. ONEighty Solutions will help you remove those odors for good. Contact us today. (678) 729-9311

Let ONEighty Solutions Help with Your Cleanup and Restoration Needs in Atlanta, GA

ONEighty Solutions strives to provide a comprehensive approach to cleanup and restoration needs. We are not just a cleaning company; we’re a company that offers total solutions when you’re facing a challenge. Each of our services is available for residential or commercial situations, from water damage to mold damage to biohazard cleaning – and everything in between!

As a locally-owned company, we take pride in serving our customers to the best of our ability. We are here for you even in the most challenging of scenarios. Our teams are skilled, trained, and certified to handle many cleanup or restoration projects. Contact us today for your restoration needs in Atlanta, GA and the surrounding areas.

We Strive To Lead The Industry In Nano Technology!

Contact us today for your cleanup or restoration needs!

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