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Do You REALLY Need to Clean Your Air Ducts? Here’s Why

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Let’s be honest: when was the last time you thought about the state of your air ducts? While you probably change the filter and get your unit maintained from time to time, air duct cleaning is likely low on the list of your cleaning priorities. But the truth is that you do need to have the air ducts cleaned periodically, although it’s not necessarily required monthly, or even annually in most cases. 

Keep reading to learn more about when to have your air ducts cleaned and why it’s so important! 

How Often to Clean Air Ducts

When you look up recommendations from the EPA or professionals in the industry, you will find a variety of different timelines for how often cleaning your air ducts should be performed. 

Most experts recommend that you clean your ducts every 2-3 years, and more often if you feel it is needed. On average, most homeowners that do clean them do it every 2-5 years, which is acceptable if you aren’t experiencing any problems related to the air ducts. 

The EPA recommends cleaning air ducts routinely, and on an as-needed basis. They suggest looking for these signs as an indicator to determine when it is needed:

  • Visible mold growth on your heating or cooling system
  • Rodents or insect infestations
  • Ducts seem to not be performing well or clogged
  • Household experiencing allergy issues

If you consider that things in your home get circulated through the ducts, it seems reasonable to assume that your ducts will collect dust, dirt, debris, pollen, and more. 

The Importance of Cleaning Your Air Ducts

Cleaning your air ducts is important for the health of everyone in the home or business, as well as for the system itself. Here are just some of the reasons that air duct cleaning is important. 

  1. HVAC Performance

If the air ducts are clogged with dirt and debris, it makes it harder for the hot or cold air to circulate through them and into your home. This means that the unit will have to work harder to heat or cool your home. And if the unit is working harder, your energy bills are also going to go up. 

With clean air ducts, the system can work more efficiently to heat and cool your space. It gives the system the room and the ability to do what it’s supposed to do without any hindrance. 

In addition, this will make your unit last longer, meaning you get more life out of it and fewer repair costs along the way. 

  1. Health Problems

When dust, dirt, pollen, or mold are circulating through your air ducts, it’s coming back out into the air that you breathe. When you’re breathing dirt, pollen, and mold you could face health side effects. If anyone in the home is having problems with allergies or asthma, it could be related to your air ducts. 

It’s important to clean them to help soothe those symptoms. Cleaning upholstery and carpets can also be beneficial. Reduce the likelihood of allergy and respiratory illnesses with clean air ducts. 

  1. Cleaning

Another important factor that will make a difference is keeping your home or space clean. Don’t you just hate dusting? And when you finish dusting, it seems like the next day, things are terrible again! Some of that might be related to your air ducts. 

This is another sign that can indicate when it’s time to clean the air ducts. If the space seems overly dusty, or you’re noticing dust almost immediately after cleaning, it could be because of the air ducts. They are circulating dust into your home, making it impossible to keep everything clean on a daily basis.

But if you clean the air ducts, you will likely notice a difference in those dust levels – until the time comes to clean them again. 

To recap, dirt and dust can affect your home, your health, and the effectiveness of your HVAC unit. Having your air ducts cleaned can make a huge difference in these factors and will make it well worth it from time to time. 

Let Us Help with Your Air Duct Cleaning Needs

The good thing about cleaning your air ducts is that you don’t have to do it all the time. Plan to incorporate it every 2-3 years, or learn the signs to do it as needed. When you do need your ducts cleaned, ONEighty Solutions can help! Our teams have the equipment and the knowledge to refresh your air ducts.

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