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6 Reasons to Keep Your Crawl Space Clean

crawl space cleanup

Crawl space cleanup is an essential and often overlooked task in the home. A crawl space typically houses the building’s HVAC system, air vents and ducts, and boiler system. The space usually only has enough room to crawl, hence the name.

Many people don’t realize that their crawl spaces are far more valuable than they know. This is because a neglected crawl space can potentially affect the air quality in your home.

Like any area, the crawl space is susceptible to dirt, water damage, and even sewage. Its dark and damp nature makes it perfect for mold, mildew, and even rodents to thrive.

Six Reasons Why You Must Keep Your Crawl Space Clean

Crawl Space Cleanup to Prevent Mold

Mold will thrive in any place that is damp, dark, and stale. A crawl space perfectly embodies these conditions, so mold is never far away. A neglected crawl space may suffer water damage and mold for a long time before getting noticed. 

When warm outside air meets the cooler air in the house, condensation occurs. This condensation stays on materials in the crawl space and provides a home for mold to grow. Maintaining your crawl space helps prevent mold from growing, spreading, and harming your health.

To Maintain Air Quality

Up to 50 percent of the air you breathe in your home can come from your crawl space, so a clean crawl space directly affects the air quality in your home. An unattended crawl space can accumulate bacteria, animal fecal matter, and even dust mite feces.

Since the air quality can heavily rely on your crawl space, a routine cleaning is essential. To ensure good air quality, consider laying down a vapor moisture barrier. The barrier acts as a seal and keeps moisture from entering the crawl space.

To Curb Infestations

Every property owner dreads infestations. Rodents only need small spaces to live and breed in, so by the time we notice them in our crawl space, it may be too late.

Routinely checking your crawl space for an infestation can show you any possible entry points from another perspective.

To Optimize Space 

Cleaning your crawl space can help you maximize space and enhance its usability. A thorough cleanup can reduce mess and create a much-needed space for infrequently used items.

Crawl Space Cleanup to Prevent Structural Damage

Stagnant water can sit undetected for long periods in an unattended crawl space. Since crawl spaces don’t get much traffic, the water eats away at wood and walls until the foundational framework weakens.

Once the foundational framework is compromised, structural damage can follow. For instance, rotting wood invites termites to burrow and breed in it. A severe termite problem will create a dangerous and uninhabitable home.

Crawl Space Cleanup Can Make Repairs Easier

As discussed earlier, the crawl space houses HVAC systems, air vents, and boiler systems. At some point, these systems will need some form of repair or maintenance.

A dry and clean environment will help make the work easier and faster. Crawl space maintenance can be challenging enough without worrying about dirt and biohazards.

To prevent mold and structural damage in your crawl space, you must determine the cause and solve it at its root. ONEighty Solutions specializes in crawl space restoration and damage prevention.

If your property needs crawl space cleanup, call us at ONEighty Solutions. We’re always happy to help!

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