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5 Ways to Kill That Marijuana Odor at Home

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Marijuana contains THC, a chemical that can inhibit pain and bring feelings of calmness and relaxation. However, marijuana smoke can become a problem when it lingers. Marijuana is also called weed, cannabis, and pot.

Weed can smell like many different things. Depending on the strain, it can smell sweet, citrusy, earthy, or downright skunky. To those who don’t use the herb, marijuana mostly smells like a plant.

Causes of a Lingering Marijuana Odor

The main determinant of a lasting marijuana smell is the duration for which it was smoked. Marijuana smell doesn’t last nearly as long as tobacco odor. So, the odor’s strength depends on how long it was smoked and in what amount.

Effects of Marijuana Smoke

For non-smokers, inhaling marijuana smoke carries the possibility of a contact high. A contact high refers to a situation where a person experiences a drug-like effect after being around someone using a psychoactive drug.

Second-hand marijuana smoke can make the heart beat faster. It also increases the risk of stroke and heart disease. Most scientific studies linking weed to heart attacks and strokes rely on reports from people who smoked it, as opposed to other methods of use.

Marijuana shares many of the same issues as tobacco, so it is hard to distinguish the effects of THC from other chemicals in the smoke.

How to Remove the Marijuana Odor from Your Home

Clean Your Surfaces

The marijuana smell lingers because the smoke settles on surfaces in your home. The residue settles into the fabrics on your sofas, carpets, and curtains. With this in mind, we recommend cleaning surfaces with a cleaning spray or detergent solution. While it can’t completely kill the smell, it can reduce it.

Ventilate and Turn on a Fan

Ventilating a room is the easiest way to get an odor out. If an oscillating fan is available, turn it on and open all the windows. The fan will push all the stale air out and bring fresh air into the room. Point the fan at the window and leave it on for a few hours to reduce the smell.

Use an Air Freshener

Using an air freshener is an effective way to mask the marijuana smell. For example, air sanitizing sprays especially reduce smoke odors, and they are quick and safe for use around your home.

Use a Neutralizer

In this sense, a neutralizer is a chemical used to absorb strong odors. Two common household neutralizers are baking soda and vinegar.

To use baking soda, put it in bowls and scatter them around the house. Allow them to stay overnight, but they are effective for as long as two weeks. Don’t use the bowls after this, as they will have absorbed toxic compounds.

For a vinegar neutralizer, keep white vinegar in saucers around your home. The acetic acid in vinegar bonds with smelly compounds in the air, neutralizing them and killing the smell. When the vinegar evaporates, the stinky molecules go with it, reducing the odor.

Call for Marijuana Odor Removal Services

When trying to quickly remove marijuana odor, consider involving professional services. They use special equipment to purify the air by destroying odor molecules. Hence, professional odor removal is a more permanent solution for smoke odors.

When it comes to smoke-related odors, many think removing the debris will kill the smell. Unfortunately, smoke odors can be far more stubborn, and they can result in health risks involving breathing and vascular issues.

Smoke odors are often the hardest to remove. General household cleaning, removing furniture, and taking down curtains won’t do the trick. Effective smoke removal takes a certified professional remediation service like ONEighty Solutions.

If you need Atlanta smoke removal or odor removal of any kind, call us at ONEighty Solutions. We are always happy to help!

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