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5 Things Odor Remediation Company Will Help You With

Odor Removal

Odors caused by everyday habits like smoking or cooking can linger long after you’ve moved out. In the real estate industry, cigarette odors are one of the biggest deal-breakers for potential homebuyers. Many feel the only option they have is to rip up the carpets and throw out the furniture, but advances in odor-eliminating technology have changed everything. Through the process of photo-catalytic oxidation, odors are removed from the air and from surfaces without harmful chemicals or lingering residue.

Fire Mitigation

Even a small fire in your home can wreak havoc on your air quality. After you’ve removed the ashes and replaced the carpets, the smell still lingers, trapped in the fibers of clothing, furniture, and even porous drywall. A professional odor removal company can get to the source of the smell with microscopic precision, eliminating harmful carcinogens from your home or business and helping you to breathe easier.

Mold Remediation

Mold is a serious problem especially for people with compromised respiratory systems. It develops in areas of high humidity like basements, bathrooms, or even under the kitchen sink. Over time, mold spores in the air can cause severe respiratory problems and chronic allergy symptoms. Mold is very difficult to remove because it’s virtually invisible until it festers. It can manifest in many forms, the most common being gray or pink in color. The deadliest, however, is black mold. By the time it manifests, it’s too late for standard cleaning agents to be effective. Only a certified mold remediation specialist can remove mold completely from surfaces and the air.

Pet Smell Removal


Trauma Clean-up

As difficult as it is to talk about, cleaning up after a traumatic event like a crime or death in the home is an important health concern. Of all the biological contaminants remediation technicians deal with, human-based biological waste is the most hazardous. It’s the last thing anyone wants to deal with under such circumstances, which is why you should let a professional cleaning company handle the cleanup process. Not only will they remove all traces of the incident, they will also remove harmful microbes from the air with advanced filtration system. You can also trust that your home, your belongings, and your family will have the empathy and respect they deserve during this process.

No matter what your situation, you don’t have to live with foul and potentially harmful odors in your home or office. For odor remediation in Canton, contact the experts at ONEighty Solutions for more information.

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