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5 Reasons to Call in a Professional Biohazard Team for Crime Scene Cleanup

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Cleaning up a crime scene is not a situation to be taken lightly. Certain procedures need to be followed in terms of handling things at the crime scene. Furthermore, crime scenes need to be cleaned in a specific way to contain the biohazard. This is not a situation you should try to handle on your own. Today, we’re going to look at 5 reasons why you should hire a professional biohazard team for a crime scene cleanup.

What are the Reasons to Call A Professional for Crime Scene Cleanup?

There are 5 reasons why you should call a professional biohazard time for crime scene cleanup. Here they are:

1. They Have Experience With Cleaning Crime Scenes

This first reason seems pretty obvious but hiring a professional means that you’re going to have someone with the experience and know-how to properly clean up a crime scene. No guesswork is needed here.

They’re going to be able to assess the situation and put all of the proper protocols in place to make sure the area is as clean as it should be. This also includes containing the biohazard and adhering to any other procedures they would need to stick to while cleaning up the crime scene. This is going to lead to a properly clean area.

2. They Have The Proper Equipment

Hiring a professional to clean up a crime scene means that you’re in the hands of someone who’s going to have the proper equipment to handle the job. They’re going to have the know-how to operate that equipment. They’re also going to have the right kind of cleaners for the job.

This means they’re going to be able to effectively remove the biohazard from the area and ensure that it’s clean and sanitized. Having the proper equipment means that they’re also going to be able to efficiently take care of the job and make sure that a deep clean was performed.

3. They Can Properly Dispose of Everything

Getting biohazard materials removed from the area takes a very specific set of protocols to ensure that everything is properly disposed of. You can’t just throw this stuff in a dumpster and call it a day. A team that can specialize in a crime scene cleanup is going to know not only how to clean the area, but how to properly dispose of everything after the fact.

A team of professionals is going to set up proper disposal units that remove everything from the area. They will do this without potentially contaminating anything any more than it already is. This ensures that the biohazard stays contained during the entire process.

4. They Can Remove the Smell

Along with the process of disposing of all of the biohazard materials, a team of professionals will also remove all odors from the area. They have advanced techniques and industrial-strength deodorizers that can remove the smell of biohazardous materials from the area.

This, combined with a deep cleaning of the area can help it look brand new and smell fresh. The deep clean will ensure that the area is clean and disinfected. 

5. They Keep You Protected

The last thing you want to do is to expose yourself to all of the hazards of a crime scene. There are many pathogens and contaminants in a crime scene that can pose a serious health risk to you and anyone who tries to clean up the area. You could end up exposing yourself to things like HIV and Hepatitis from bloodborne pathogens. 

A professional is also going to know how to contain an area to keep these kinds of things from spreading all over the place. 

In addition to protecting you from biohazards, hiring a professional is the right choice to protect your mental health. Seeing a crime scene is often traumatizing. And, if it involves someone you love, those are images you simply don’t need in your head. 

At ONEighty Solutions, we will take great care to make sure the crime scene is cleaned up safely, but that it’s also done discreetly. Don’t handle the aftermath of a crime by yourself. Allow us to help you through this difficult time. 

If You Need A Professional Crime Scene Cleanup Company in Georgia, Call ONEighty Solutions

A crime scene occurring in your Georgia home is a traumatic event. You shouldn’t have to take on the burden of cleaning it up yourself. If you need someone to clean up a crime scene, call ONEighty Solutions at 678-909-1861. We’re available 24/7 and are fully licensed in trauma and biohazard cleanup. Our team of experts has the experience and know-how to clean up different kinds of crime scenes and can help you. We can help you through a traumatic time and take care of something extremely difficult for you.

You can trust that we’ll handle your home and the situation with care. 

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